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Columbus, OH: Smart Capital

Check out this video about Ohio’s state capital (Columbus!) by the Columbus Foundation, the ninth largest community foundation in the United States.

[youtube T3ZMUrj1ONI]

For additional information on other Columbus highlights that may be relevant to you as a student at Ohio State/Fisher, click here.

The Art of Moving to Columbus

Lucky enough to be an SMF Buckeye and now wondering where you should live?  Eve  Wendzicki (current Fisher MBA student) paints  a fantastic picture in her blog post about moving to Columbus!

Drawing upon upcoming events, Columbus will be hosting its 50th Arts Festival this weekend.  This free event is sure to make an artful impression!

[youtube EMZ4FfdmmuM]

Holiday Weekend/Columbus Happenings

Just a note, the university will be closed on Monday, May 30th in observance of Memorial Day.  Please expect a slight delay in responses from the SMF due to this university holiday.

Columbus will be hosting a few events this weekend which may be of interest to you.  First, the annual Asian Festival will happen at the Franklin Park Conservatory.  Admission is free and it’s a fantastic way to learn about different Asian cultures (and experience my favorite thing in the world- fabulous food!).  Second, this weekend marks the grand opening of Downtown Columbus’  newest venture, Columbus Commons.  This park will feature live music, host various events throughout the summer and includes an old-fashioned carousel.  I am excited for the city’s growth and development and more importantly, the chance for the SMFers to experience Columbus really soon!

Enjoy your weekend; summer is just around the corner!

It’s Fisher Pride Week!

SMF is celebrating its own Fisher Pride at Fisher Fest!

In which Midwestern state capital did Fidel Castro’s mother and sister hide out during the Cuban Revolution?

The more you learn about Columbus, the more you know

Ohio State University’s main campus is located in Columbus, Ohio’s state capital. You probably already know this … but what is it about Columbus you don’t know? The Chicago Tribune wrote this article on Columbus a few months ago. Check it out.

Fisher 5K: Are you going the extra mile?

I am officially signing up for the Fisher 5K and I *hope* to run it all!  This is a great event for a fantastic cause.  What’s more?  The entire Fisher Community is running alongside of you!  Join us and sign-up today!

Bernanke, the video

I thought I would share this video with everyone from our Ben Bernanke visit back in November.  Enjoy!

[youtube VImk7rxgB0s]

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