Introducing the 2012-13 My Fisher Grad Life SMF student bloggers

We have a group of Fisher SMF students who are blogging this year about their experiences in the program. Be sure to check the blog regularly to get an inside view of what the program is like from the perspective of someone who is in it.



We recently said good-bye to our first class of SMF students. Though we are sad to see them go, we know they will do great things!

Offices Closed, Celebrate King’s Dream

Hi, everyone.

I want to let everyone know that The Ohio State University (including the Fisher College of Business) will be closed on Monday, January 16th in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.   Columbus and Ohio State will  be honoring Dr. King, Jr.’s legacy and I encourage you to do so, too!

Fisher/OSU will re-open on January 17th.

30th Blood Battle: Ohio State vs. M*ch*g@n

I bleed scarlet and you?

Anyone who knows me understands that I take all challenges against the “state-up-north” VERY seriously.  For me, November is not just about turkeys, it’s about beating M*ch*g@n in any and every way.  Many of you know that the greatest rivalry in sports is The Ohio State vs. M*ch*gan Game, but there are other important OSU/UM challenges as well.

This year marks the American Red Cross’ 30th anniversary of the OSU/UM blood battle.  It’s about this time every year that I volunteer myself to get poked and pinned to help my team win the battle and to help the American Red Cross save lives.  If you can donate, I encourage you to sign-up today!  Don’t forget to use the code word “Buckeyes,” and show that winners do bleed scarlet and gray!

*I realize that OSU is currently behind (as of 11/10/11), but I really believe the scarlet and gray will pull through; GO BUCKS!

It’s just after midnight…

Brutus, dressed for Halloween, poses with yours truly.


Happy Halloween from the Buckeyes!

Introducing the 2011-12 Fisher SMF student bloggers

Students writing about their experiences = interesting blogs!

It’s clear by being on Ohio Stat’s campus for even a short amount of time that the students here are passionate about and loyal to Ohio State. I am glad to announce the 2011-12 SMF student bloggers are now blogging.

Continuing the tradition started a couple of years ago, there is a group of Fisher SMF students who will be blogging about their experiences while enrolled as a Fisher SMF student for the upcoming academic year. Be sure to check out the blog regularly to gain a first-person perspective of what it’s like to be at Fisher and at Ohio State.

Columbus is Cold and Rainy, but Fisher’s Not!

  • Current Temperature in Columbus:  57 F.
  • Current State:  Rain

As much as we would like to say it’s always sunny in Ohio, the truth is, we definitely have seasons and it is not always 75 degrees and sunny.  I will say that we are experiencing atypical weather for this time of year; it’s been nothing but rain these past few days.

Luckily, at Fisher, if you don’t want to go out and get wet, you don’t have to!  As a graduate student, you have the luxury of having all your courses, student services, and the Office of Career Management , all in one building!  You NEVER have to leave the graduate business building, Gerlach, if you choose.

Additionally, all of the buildings within the Fisher campus are connected by a series of underground tunnels.    Why would a graduate student need to leave Gerlach?  Inside Mason Hall, students can grab a cup of coffee or eat a quick lunch at the newly opened Rohr café.  Students can visit faculty office hours in Fisher Hall or grab dinner in the Bistro 2110, the restaurant attached to Fisher’s executive hotel, the Blackwell.

Suppose a Fisher student wants needs to go to another part of Ohio State’s campus, but doesn’t want to walk in the rain.  OSU offers a fantastic bus service, the Campus Area Bus Service (CABS). CABS continuously runs all over Ohio State’s vast campus making it easy to avoid getting soaked.  Also, if you want to see the entire Ohio State campus in about 20 minutes, CABS can drive you around OSU’s various sites!

With all the amenities Ohio State has to offer, it’s difficult for me to imagine being part of any other university.  But hey, I may be a tad biased.

Enjoy your weekend and GO BUCKEYES!

SMF: The First Days of the First Class!

Wow, we have been busy in the land of the Buckeyes!  SMF started their Pre-Term and have been running for a whole week now.  Since orientation last Wednesday, SMF students have gone to two workshops, attended four classes, done team building activities and got a private tour of Ohio Stadium!  School will not officially start until next week- but we have broken a lot of ground.

SMF has a great mix of faculty teaching the core courses and we are all anticipating a fabulous year!  We are excited for sessions with industry experts and  networking opportunities in the upcoming weeks.

If you would like to be considered for the next outstanding class of the SMF program, go to: to apply.  Applications are out and we are waiting to hear from you!

Check out the photos below!  For more photos, check out our facebook page.  Enjoy the rest of the week and GO BUCKS!



Ohio State’s Fight Song: “Across the Field.”

TBDBITL performing during the 2010 Homecoming Parade


Tomorrow is the start of another football season, one of my favorite times of the year!  I thought I would share the lyrics and music to The Ohio State University’s fight song, “Across the Field,” performed by The Ohio State University Marching Band also known as The Best Damn Band in the Land (TBDBITL).  Enjoy the music and have a fabulous weekend!  The first SMF class officially starts on Wednesday.  I say, “O-H!” (You say, “I-O”)

Jenna and I are posing as the "O-H" portion of the cheer, "O-H-I-O!"

Ohio State
“Across the Field”

Fight the team across the field
Show them Ohio’s here,
Set the earth reverberating
With a mighty cheer,
Rah! Rah! Rah!
Hit them hard and see how they fall,
Never let that team get the ball,
Hail, hail, the gang’s all here,
So let’s win that old conference now


The Fisher College of Business Graduate Programs Office (GPO) receives postcards from students, staff and alumni every day. Every year, we receive postcards from ALL OVER THE WORLD!  While all of you SMF students are out exploring the globe, send the GPO a postcard to say, “hello.”  2108 Neil Avenue, 100 Gerlach Hall, Columbus, OH 43210.  We cannot wait to hear from you soon!

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