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Transcripts- Yes, you have to submit ALL of them!

Being an OSU alumna, Jen doesn't have to send in her transcripts.

Recently, I have been getting the same question, “Do I need to send in every transcript, even the ones that have been transferred to my current university?”

The answer to this question is, “YES!”  The Ohio State University requires that two copies of ALL transcripts be sent in order to receive an admissions decision.  This means that if you took a summer course at a community college, transferred from another institution, went to a school in a different country or even took continuing education credits at a college or university, you will need TWO transcripts from each school you attended.

What is the ONLY exception?   Ohio State will NOT require transcripts from Ohio State.  We can pull these internally for you.

On an unrelated note- today is the second round deadline.  Happy submitting, everyone!

Reminder – next application deadline is January 14

The next SMF application deadline is this Friday, January 14th!

Fisher Graduate Programs Office will be closed on Friday, Dec 31

The Graduate Programs Office will be closed on Friday, December 31, in observance of New Year’s Day. The office will reopen at 8:00 AM EST on Monday, January 3, 2011. Any applications submitted on Dec 31, Jan 1, or Jan 2, will be uploaded into the application management system at/after 8AM on Jan 3. Before you contact us on whether we have received any of your application materials, please be sure to read this earlier blog post.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Can you tell me my application status?

Brutus applied 3 days ago. He's stressed out...did SMF receive his app? Only ApplyYourself can tell him his status!

We understand that this time of year can be highly stressful as you are getting ready to apply for business school – you are studying hard for the GMAT, writing and rewriting your essays, contacting your references to finish those letters of recommendation, etc. We get many calls from anxious applicants who are wondering whether we have received your transcripts and other supplemental materials that you may have sent to us.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Items that are sent to us via surface mail (e.g. transcripts, etc.) are noted as received on the day we receive them and will be considered “on time” if this date meets our application deadline.
  • There is and will be a delay between the time that we receive materials and those materials being recorded as “received” on your status page. The length of the delay will depend on the time of year – around the holidays and the deadlines, please expect a longer processing delay.
  • If you submit materials to us (e.g. transcripts, TOEFL scores, etc.) prior to submitting your application, we are unable to confirm receipt of those materials.
  • Once you submit your application, you may check your application status in your Apply Yourself account to determine which materials we have received.  Again, please note that your account will not be updated the minute you submit your application, but after we have had a chance to search for documents we have recieved that match the name on the application submitted.
  • Unfortunately, due to the volume of applicants, we cannot tell you if we have received your materials.  You will need to check your status online.

GMAT not as high as you would like?

You are preparing your application to the SMF program.  You completed the online application; wrote, rewrote and finalized your essays; secured your letters of recommendation; updated your resume and requested your transcripts to be sent.  The last item on the checklist is every SMF applicant’s favorite four-letter word … the GMAT.  You took the GMAT, thinking you were going to ace it after all of those hours of intense preparation.  You finished the exam, agreed to view your scores and … oh, MAN, you have got to be kidding me?!  THAT is my score?

Sound familiar?

If this sounds like you and you are planning to apply by the December 31 deadline, you have a couple of choices:

1) Apply as planned and wait to hear from the Admissions Committee regarding next steps in the admissions process – maybe your score isn’t as high as you had hoped, but maybe it isn’t that bad after all.

2) Apply as planned, but indicate to the Admissions Committee that you plan to retake the test on a future date and request that a decision is not made on your application until we receive your new test scores.

A few points to remember:

  • The Admissions Committee will review all of the application materials carefully.  The GMAT is important, but it is just one part of the application.
  • The GMAT was designed to help business schools determine your potential to succeed academically in Fisher SMF classes.  It is possible that you have enough other evidence in your application of strong academic potential and the GMAT may be relatively less important.
  • Be self aware – Are your qualifications in line with those set forth on SMF’s FAQ’s?  Manage your expectations.
  • If you are interested in being considered for merit-based financial aid, the two quantitative measures primarily used to evaluate candidates are the undergraduate GPA and the GMAT.  Most of you are unable to impact your undergraduate GPA at this point.  If you feel that your GMAT score is sufficient for admission, but you believe you have the potential to do better, it may be worthwhile to retake for the possibility of funding.
  • If someone gets a better score by retaking the GMAT, the average increase on a GMAT retake is 30 points.  Most people actually perform the same or do worse.  We only recommend that you retake the test if the circumstances around the test day were not ideal or if you have some reason to believe that you did not perform to your maximum potential.
  • If you do plan to retake, give yourself plenty of time.  We recommend about 6-8 weeks of preparation – don’t rush into it before you are ready!

Good luck!!

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