30th Blood Battle: Ohio State vs. M*ch*g@n

I bleed scarlet and gray...do you?

Anyone who knows me understands that I take all challenges against the “state-up-north” VERY seriously.  For me, November is not just about turkeys, it’s about beating M*ch*g@n in any and every way.  Many of you know that the greatest rivalry in sports is The Ohio State vs. M*ch*gan Game, but there are other important OSU/UM challenges as well.

This year marks the American Red Cross’ 30th anniversary of the OSU/UM blood battle.  It’s about this time every year that I volunteer myself to get poked and pinned to help my team win the battle and to help the American Red Cross save lives.  If you can donate, I encourage you to sign-up today!  Don’t forget to use the code word “Buckeyes,” and show that winners do bleed scarlet and gray!

*I realize that OSU is currently behind (as of 11/10/11), but I really believe the scarlet and gray will pull through; GO BUCKS!

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