‘Submit’ vs. ‘Complete’

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As we approach our final deadline (remember, it’s March 11), please note that there is a difference between SUBMITTED applications and COMPLETED applications.  When you ‘submit’ an application, it may not necessarily be ‘complete.’  If you ‘complete’ an application, you clearly had to have submitted it first.

When it comes to the deadlines listed on the website, those deadlines are set for those applications that are COMPLETED.  Therefore, if you just SUBMITTED your online application by the deadline, it may not necessarily make the round.  However, please DO NOT PANIC if you do not complete your application by the deadline.  We are reviewing COMPLETED files on a continuous basis.

Additionally, we are receiving numerous e-mails about application statuses not reflecting reality.  Please remember that due the large volume of applications,  it may take several weeks for our processing department to mark your file complete.  Again, DO NOT PANIC!  Last, you are always welcome to turn your supplemental materials (transcripts, test scores, etc) prior tp SUBMITTING your online application.  Please allow a few days to a few weeks for those items to show up with your application to be considered complete.

Thanks, everyone!


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