Transcripts- Yes, you have to submit ALL of them!

Being an OSU alumna, Jen doesn't have to send in her transcripts.

Recently, I have been getting the same question, “Do I need to send in every transcript, even the ones that have been transferred to my current university?”

The answer to this question is, “YES!”  The Ohio State University requires that two copies of ALL transcripts be sent in order to receive an admissions decision.  This means that if you took a summer course at a community college, transferred from another institution, went to a school in a different country or even took continuing education credits at a college or university, you will need TWO transcripts from each school you attended.

What is the ONLY exception?   Ohio State will NOT require transcripts from Ohio State.  We can pull these internally for you.

On an unrelated note- today is the second round deadline.  Happy submitting, everyone!

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