If you’re applying to Fisher PhD and are taking (or took) the new format GRE …

We have gotten several emails from PhD applicants – they have taken the new format GRE and are unable to self report their scores. The online application (accessible here) allows only the “old format” scores to be self reported. If this applies to you OR you haven’t taken the GRE yet but will do so in the near future, you want to continue reading this blog post.

NOTE: If you are applying to either the Accounting or MIS PhD programs, you must submit official GMAT scores. Neither of those PhD programs will accept GRE scores in lieu of GMAT.

If you took the GRE in July 2011 or earlier, you are able to self report your scores.

If you took (or will take) the GRE in or after August 2011, the system will not allow you to self report your scores. (This is because the scoring scale changed significantly with the new format GRE.) If you’re in this category, please do the following:

After you open up your online application

  1. Click on Test Score Information in the left column
  2. You will see a small drag-down menu right above “GRE Test Scores.” Click on “Intend to Take.”
  3. Insert the date you took the GRE. Do not insert your scores in the other fields shown.

This will allow you to let us know you have already taken the GRE and to look for your scores in the system.

If you are submitting your application before taking the GRE (and may not know the exact date you’ll take it), insert the first day of the month and year you will likely take it. For example, if you will probably take the GRE in January 2012, insert “01/01/2012” in the date field.

Follow the directions listed here to self report your "new" format GRE scores

2 Responses to “If you’re applying to Fisher PhD and are taking (or took) the new format GRE …”

  1. 1 David November 29, 2011 at 7:39 pm

    I applied, before the november 18th deadline for international students.
    I took the new GRE but I reported my scores converted with the table of conversion provided by ETS. Is it ok?

  2. 2 Rob November 29, 2011 at 10:30 pm

    If you have already submitted your application, we recommend you inform the application processing office at phd-app@fisher.osu.edu and let it know that your scores are NOT on the “old” scale but rather on the “new” scale. This will help to eliminate any problems that *might* exist when trying to reconcile your real GRE scores with your application. Include your full name and applicant ID number when emailing that office.

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