Dec 17 PhD application deadline is fast approaching

Application deadline is fast approaching - don't wait to submit your application!

Seems just like yesterday we were working on updating the 2011 PhD application …

This is a quick note to remind everyone the December 17 application deadline for autumn 2011 is fast approaching. If you wish to be considered for autumn 2011, please try to submit your application by this date.

If I apply after December 17, will my file be reviewed for an admission decision?

It depends on when you submit your application and when it is complete. Each department runs its application review process differently but, generally speaking, most Fisher PhD programs make their admissions decisions in February and March for autumn term. So if your application is complete by the end of January, there is still a good chance that your file will be reviewed by your program’s of interest admissions committee. The longer you wait to submit your application, the smaller your window of opportunity is with regards to having your file reviewed for an admission decision.

If most departments don’t make their admissions decisions until February-March, why does the December 17 deadline exist?

A small handful of applicants might be eligible to be considered for the university’s Fellowship award competition. The Fellowship competition requires a much earlier deadline as part of its process. So if you wish to be considered for admission and be considered for Fellowship award nomination, you need to meet the university’s earlier application deadline.

If I apply after the December 17 fellowship nomination deadline but am offered admission, will I receive financial aid/funding assistance?

Yes. All PhD applicants who are offered admission are funded. See this previous post for additional information.