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We know you are all anxious to start working on your PhD applications for next fall.  We are in the process of making changes to the new application for Fall 2015 and anticipate that it will go live here on Monday, July 14th.

Please come back to this blog throughout the next several months on announcements and tips/strategies for applying to the PhD program for Fall 2015!

Patient applicants = happy admissions office

As you might imagine, December is a bit busy here in the Fisher Graduate Programs Office.  We have just passed a priority deadline and applicants are anxious to confirm that their materials have been received in time to be considered for admission and for financial aid.

Please keep in mind that there is manual work that has to be done to match your online application with the rest of your application materials, as it does not get updated in “real-time.”  Also, note that it takes about 20 days from your test date for us to receive official GMAT scores and 13 days from your test date to receive TOEFL scores.

Please wait at least five business days for your application checklist to be updated to reflect the status of your application materials received by our office.

Note, the Graduate Programs Office will be closed on Monday, December 23, Tuesday, December 24, and Tuesday, January 1.

We wish you a safe and happy holiday season and a happy new year!

I wanted to clarify some dates that may have been confusing on our website.  The deadline to be considered for university fellowship awards is December 1, 2012.  If you intend to apply by this deadline, please make sure that we have received all of your application materials by this date.

Frequently asked question:  If I have all of my application materials ready to go but I am waiting for the results of my TOEFL or GMAT to come in, will I still eligible for fellowship consideration?

Answer: If your standardized test scores arrive at Ohio State within a week of the fellowship deadline, you may still be eligible for consideration.  December 1 is the priority deadline for all Fisher PhD applicants and for the University Fellowship competition.  PhD applications will be reviewed on a space-available basis after December 1. All students who are admitted to Fisher for a PhD program will be fully funded by Fisher – if you apply after December 1 you just will not be eligible for the most prestigious fellowship awards at Ohio State.


A note to international applicants regarding the TOEFL

We receive inquiries from international applicants who are concerned about their TOEFL or IELTS scores. The Fisher College of Business requires the following:

  • An overall score of at least 100 on the Internet-based TOEFL exam  **or**
  • A band score of at least 7.0 on the IELTS.

The PhD admissions committee may not review your application if you score below these minimum recommendations. Strong English skills are critical to success in our programs, not only in the classroom but also with employment recruiting. Therefore, if your scores are well below our suggested minimums, it would be to your advantage to retake the exam.

PLEASE NOTE: Be sure your name, as listed on your TOEFL and/or IELTS score reports matches exactly your name as listed on the application. If your name does not match exactly on the TOEFL/IELTS and your application, the chances of your application being significantly delayed are increased greatly.

TOEFL Speak Score: We prefer to see a score of 20 or higher on the speak section of the TOEFL.  Applicants who are offered admission to the program with a TOEFL speak score of 23 or lower will be selected for evaluation for free supplemental English instruction upon arrival at Fisher.

2013 PhD Application is now live

We are pleased to announce that the application for the following PhD programs is now live:

PhD – Labor and Human Resources

  • Human Resources
  • Organizational Behavior

PhD – Business Administration

  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Business
  • Operations Management
  • Strategic Management

PhD – Accounting and MIS

  • Accounting
  • Management Information Systems

The deadline to apply for all PhD programs is December 1, 2012.

Faculty will not be evaluating applications for decision prior to December.  Good luck on your application!



Summary statistics for the 2012-2013 Fisher PhD applicant pool

We recently compiled statistics on the applicant pool for the Fisher PhD programs. Fisher PhD programs remain very selective – less than seven percent of all 2012-13 applicants were admitted. Click here for more information.

If you plan on applying for 2013-14, we expect the application to be available in July or August 2012. It will be posted here as soon as it is available.

New GMAT section (Integrated Reasoning) scoring scale released

NextGen GMAT will be released on June 5, 2012.

I recently received an email from GMAC on the new Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT, which will make its debut on June 5, 2012. (I wrote about the “new GMAT” in an earlier post.)

“The new Integrated Reasoning section will measure test takers’ ability to convert data in different formats and from multiple sources into meaningful information to solve problems,” said Ashok Sarathy, vice president, GMAT Program. “Although the questions include both verbal and quantitative data, our testing showed that Integrating Reasoning is a distinct skill.  We think the scores will help schools gauge these skills among their applicants.”

It appears the Integrated Reasoning section will be scored on a standalone basis – in other words, its score (from 1 to 8 ) will not affect the rest of your GMAT scores (e.g. verbal, quantitative, etc.). Click here for more information on the scoring scale on the new Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT.

Note: If you are applying for the Fisher PhD program for autumn 2013, you may submit GMAT scores to us from either prior to or on/after June 5, 2012. GMAT scores are good for five years – either “version” of the GMAT will work for your autumn 2013 application.

Fisher PhD programs no longer reviewing applications for autumn 2012

This moon, like many Fisher PhD programs, is full

The faculty for the following programs (listed in no particular order) have informed the Graduate Programs Office that it is no longer reviewing applications as they are all “full” for autumn 2012 and will not admit any more students.

  • Operations Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Management
  • International Business
  • Human Resources
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Accounting & MIS
  • Logistics

If you are interested in applying for autumn 2013, we expect the application to be posted online during summer 2012 and no later than September 1, 2012. It will be posted here when it is available.

The GMAT is changing in June 2012 – are you ready?

GMAT is undergoing a significant revision within the next few months. In June 2012, the GMAT will introduce an integrated reasoning section, testing concepts that have not been tested before on the GMAT. The current version of the GMAT has a verbal section, a quantitative section, and two essays. The new version will drop one of the essays and replace it with an integrated reasoning section.

What does this mean for you? If you are reading this and are applying to the Fisher PhD program for autumn 2013, you can either take the GMAT before or after the changes are implemented – the program does not prefer one over the other. As long as your scores are valid scores, they can be used as part of a complete application. Remember that scores are good for up to five years from the time you take it so if you took it in February 2012 for your autumn 2013 application, those scores will be valid for your autumn 2013 application.

For more information, please check the FAQ published by GMAC. (Click here if you’d like to see some sample questions from the new integrated reasoning section.)

Fisher is not reviewing any more accounting and MIS PhD apps for Autumn 2012

We have been informed by the AMIS faculty at the Fisher College of Business that it is no longer reviewing applications to the accounting and management information systems PhD programs for autumn 2012. (All offers the faculty will be making to applicants for autumn 2012 have been issued/extended.)

If you wish to apply for autumn 2013, please click here and provide us with your name, email address, and indicate your area of interest is “PhD” and your specific area of interest (e.g. accounting, etc.) We expect the autumn 2013 PhD application to be available in August 2012. We will send you an email when the autumn 2013 application is available.

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