Op-ex principles drive design, processes at new Wexner Med Center emergency department

A Columbus Dispatch story this week on The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center’s new emergency department set to open this weekend includes a few discouraging statistics on the operation’s current state.

wexner medical centerWait times for patients eventually admitted, according to the article, exceed 6 hours, the third-longest rate among Ohio hospitals. And about 4 percent of patients leave before they’re treated, double the national average.

The steps Wexner Medical Center is implementing to combat these problems, however, are extremely encouraging.

Here are just some of the new features of the new emergency department, the first part of its new $700 million hospital tower to open:

  • An increase in beds;
  • Mobile computers that allow registrars to go to ailing patients;
  • Relaxing décor touches instead of stark white light;
  • A physician available on visitor-heavy weekdays ready to treat quick and easy problems, such as wounds needing stitches;
  • And a 16-bed unit focused exclusively on cancer patients, which Wexner Med Center claims is the first of its kind in the nation.

It’s a sharp focus on process and a drive to improve the patient experience that underlie all of these changes. These also show that Wexner Medical Center’s commitment to operational excellence is alive and well.

Read more at the Columbus Dispatch.

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