COE’s ‘Current State’ newsletter goes monthly, digital

For years, the Center for Operational Excellence has created a printed quarterly newsletter that has featured a mix of stories on member company news and success stories, Fisher College of Business faculty research, Q&As with business leaders, and details on upcoming center events.

current state digital
A look at our first digital issue

There’s a lot right in that first paragraph – and a few key things that aren’t. Going forward, we’re still seeking to bring you that same mix of content, which connects the theory behind the tools and behaviors of operational excellence to its practice day-in, day-out. The Current State’s printed days, however, are over, as is its quarterly rotation.

From now on, you’ll be receiving an e-newsletter once a month, a decision we made because of the vibrancy of the op-ex community inside and outside of Fisher. Put simply, there’s enough going on to fill a newsletter 12 times over, so why not?

The rollout of our e-newsletter will come with a few additions. In each issue, you’ll see three leading stories. These are housed in our regularly updated Think Op-Ex blog, which has new stories and updates on a weekly basis, sometimes more frequently. You’ll also be able to track and register our upcoming events using the right-hand sidebar. And the space below our featured stories will be a mix of other news of note and – when it’s available – newly available online resources, such as archived event webcasts and educational webinars. This is a direct result of feedback we’ve received requesting that these resources – while always available for you as a member – be more visible on an ongoing basis.

We also want your help. Plenty of incredible transformations are going on at all of our member companies, and we want to hear about more of them. If you have a story idea you think might be of interest, contact me. We also want to hear about your promotions and new employment endeavors.

Finally, in the spirit of continuous improvement, we want to know what you like and don’t like about this new format. Like you, we’re open to change when it’s for the better.

Matt Burns
Program Manager, COE

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