Happy New Year from COE

The Center for Operational Excellence entered its 21st year of existence in 2013, but it’s unlikely this year will be anything like what you’ve experienced before. At the top of the list for why is our Leading Through Excellence summit, which begins in little more than three months and marks the first-ever multi-day event for the center.

My task board is filling up already in the “Backlog,” “WIP” and “Done” columns.

On a smaller scale, we’re running the same busy slate of programming as usual but making some great changes to respond to member demand and keep things fresh. You can check out the first of those, also our first official event of the year, in little more than three weeks when we host our second-annual Link Symposium, which we ran last year under the guise of a “world café.” If you have a thing or two to say about sales and operations planning, you should join us by registering now.

Later on down the road, we’re offering a look at doing business in India, following up on our successful Business in Brazil forum last spring, and continuing our slate of lean IT forums. You’ll hear more about speakers for those events in the next few months and can take a peek at our other events in 2013 here.

As for COE’s resolution for 2013, we’re committed to practice more of what we preach, improving the processes we have in place for the events you attend and the connections you make. I took my own long-overdue stab at it around the holidays by creating a task board, inspired by a recentgemba to COE member Nationwide Insurance. Now, every day, looking down at me from above my screens, is a backlog, a WIP area and, best of all, a “Done” column. Just a few days in and I’m already enjoying moving those Post-Its.

Have something for my task board – or your own resolution to share? Drop it in the comments.

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