Fisher’s Benton, Ward honored for top-cited articles

Being a footnote isn’t always a bad thing.

WC Benton Fisher College of Business
W.C. Benton

Take the Department of Management Sciences at the Fisher College of Business. Department chair and Center for Operational Excellence Co-Director Dr. Peter Ward along with Dr. W.C. Benton recently were named authors of some of the most-cited work in the Journal of Operations Management from 2007 to 2011. Specifically, an article each researcher co-authored was among the publication’s 10 most-cited works of the past half-decade.

Check out the list of the top 25 here.

Dr. Benton’s heavily cited research was co-authored with Honggeng Zhou of the University of New Hampshire and published in 2007, titled “Supply chain practice and information sharing.” Dr. Ward with Rachna Shah of the University of Minnesota co-authored the heavily cited “Defining and developing measures of lean production,” also released in 2007.

Peter Ward Master of Business Operational Excellence MBOE
Peter Ward

Looking at each of the works, it’s easy to see why they’ve made their way to the list of go-to articles for the field. Both get to the heart of how we do what we do in process improvement. Benton’s article examines the relationship between information sharing and supply chain practice, finding each is inextricably linked to the other’s success. Ward, meanwhile, combed past literature and current lean practices to identify a list of the items essential to the concept of lean production.

This is a remarkable feat for a single business school. Congratulations to Drs. Benton and Ward.

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