Customized Executive Education for New Innovation and Growth

The Executive Education program offers an experience that combines the benefits of world-class instruction with consultative input from subject matter experts on projects that are important to your organization.

The curriculum and delivery of this program are designed to build the capabilities of your middle market firm. Specifically, research by the National Center for the Middle Market has identified five characteristics of middle market Growth Champions – firms that exhibit significant, sustained revenue growth despite a difficult economy:

  1. 1. Sharper customer focus
  2. 2. Broader geographic vision
  3. 3. Notable investment in innovation
  4. 4. Strong management culture
  5. 5. Superior talent management

After shoring up the fundamentals of modern management practice (strategy, finance, and marketing), this program is designed to develop the capabilities that underlie these five characteristics – the five specializations offered by this program. As part of the Executive Education experience, participants are exposed to some of the best faculty in business schools today, state-of-the art academic research and best practices from industry.