Growth Champions share keys to their success

One of the significant outcomes of the initial research undertaken by GE Capital and Fisher College of Business on the middle market is the identification of Growth Champions. These firms have been identified as achieving double-digit growth in revenues during the period of 2008-2010.


Middle Market Growth Champion Differentiators


  • Sharper customer focus
  • Broader geographic vision
  • Notable investment in innovation
  • Strong management culture
  • Superior talent management


The center will feature leaders from organizations who have embraced one or more of these differentiators through a Growth Champion CEO series. Throughout the year, in-depth interviews with these leaders will take place, resulting in white paper content and culminating in a webinar which will allow interaction with other middle market firms, researchers, and students.

CEO Growth Champions

Profile: Building Corporate Culture
Greg Tunney
President and CEO, RG Barry Corporation
Discover how Greg developed a culture to engage employees and drive growth at RG Barry, an Ohio-based footwear and fashion accessories company.