Resources and opportunities designed exclusively for the middle market

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The National Center for the Middle Market is committed to understanding the middle market’s needs and supporting its growth. Our Center seeks to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with middle market companies like yours. Through the center, you will have the opportunity to engage with The Ohio State University and GE executive professionals.

You can take advantage of executive education, research, and other resources designed with your unique needs in mind. And you can exchange invaluable insights with other middle market companies aiming to thrive in today’s business climate.

2012 National Middle Market Summit:
Connect with your colleagues and gain insights

The 2012 National Middle Market Summit will be held October 23-24 on the campus of The Ohio State University. The summit, hosted by GE Capital and Fisher College of Business, will convene CEOs, academics, policy makers, and industry experts from across the country for a meaningful discussion on the opportunities and challenges facing the middle market today.

Executive Education Program:
Build essential executive skills

Give your executive team the edge it needs through a rigorous, three-month training program offered by Fisher College of Business. Through hands-on and project-based training, teams of executives hone skill sets unique to the middle market, with a focus on strategy, marketing, and finance. Executives can choose to specialize in customer focus, innovation, talent/work force management, globalization/accessing new markets, or operational excellence.

CEO Growth Champion Series:
Learn from your colleagues’ success

Meet our growth champions:  CEOs of middle market companies that grew at least 10 percent in the post recessionary period and anticipate continued growth in the months to come. These leaders share key characteristics that distinguish corporate success.

Gain insights… watch their interviews, interact with them during webinars, and download white papers to get all the details. Then use their successes to fuel your own.

Related Networks:
Access support geared to your needs

The National Center for the Middle Market is proud to refer you to other associations that can help your business grow and thrive.

Middle Market Barometer:
Quarterly report on market sentiment

In order to measure the overall sentiment of this critical segment of the U.S. economy, the center will be working to create a groundbreaking middle market barometer that will be published each quarter. Observing the trends across multiple index points will allow for a quick assessment of the health of the middle market. The first index results are intended to be released at the 2012 National Middle Market Summit in October.