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Submit your application before taking the GRE or GMAT? Answer is …

The Fisher MLHR program accepts either the GRE or GMAT as part of a complete application. A question we often get is “Does the program prefer one or the other?” The honest answer is “no.” Either test is valid and acceptable for the Fisher MLHR program.

A related question that is not asked often but, based on personal experience, is something people think they know the answer to –> “Can I submit my application before taking the GRE or GMAT?” Most prospective students we talk to are of the opinion that they need to take either the GRE or GMAT before they submit their applications. This is incorrect – rather, it is very acceptable to submit your application before you take either the GRE or GMAT. In fact, I always recommend that applicants submit their applications in advance of taking the GMAT or GRE if everything in his/her application is “ready to go” prior to taking the GRE or GMAT. If an applicant has lined up his/her references, written his/her essays, and ordered his/her transcripts several weeks before s/he is scheduled to take the GMAT or GRE, why wait to submit those materials? In fact, in a strange way, submitting your materials prior to taking the GRE or GMAT will help speed up the application processing a bit. If we have everything we need for your application except for your test scores, it is quite simple for us to update your existing application once your test scores arrive in our office.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Here’s your checklist for applying

When you are preparing your application for the Fisher Master of Labor & Human Resources  program, please refer to the checklist of required items. Remember that the admissions committee will only review complete applications.

Here are some additional tips:


It is very OK for you to submit your application prior to taking the GRE or GMAT. Just be sure you take the GRE or GMAT by the end of December 2010 to meet most “early” deadlines.


We need two official transcripts from each and every university you have attended. Even if you just took a single class at a local community college, we will need two official transcripts from that community college. Be sure to send them to the correct address:

Fisher College of Business
100 Gerlach Hall
2108 Neil Ave
Columbus OH 43210-1144

Note: You are NOT required to submit transcripts for any grades you earned at Ohio State University.


I plan on writing another blog post on issues involving the TOEFL but if you are required to submit the TOEFL as part of a complete application, be sure you use the correct institution code for Ohio State University (1592) and that you allow PLENTY of time for the scores to get to us. The TOEFL is regularly the one item that seems to take forever to get to us – if you need to submit the TOEFL, it is your responsibility to ensure the test administrator (ETS) sends us your official TOEFL scores.


Your references can be sent to us electronically or via paper. (Additional instructions are in the application on the difference between the two formats.) Note that we will receive your references sooner if you choose electronic. Just be sure to give your recommenders plenty of time to write your references!


Give yourself enough time to write essays that really reflect you. Do not write generic, plain vanilla essays. Answer the questions that are posed to you in this application. Do not recycle essay responses you are using for any other applications.

We will be posting additional tips for each of the items referenced above throughout the next few months so keep an eye on this blog for updates.

If you have any questions, please let us know!

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