Fisher MAcc ranked #10 (2010 PAR Ranking)

Public Accounting Report, billed as “the independent newsletter of the accounting profession since 1978,” recently released its 29th Annual Survey of Accounting Professors. (Official date of release was November 2010, but newsletters were only just distributed). Following a venerable tradition in the PAR, Fisher accounting continues to excel across all three rankings—undergraduate, graduate, and PhD.—each of which ranks the top 25 programs in the nation.

MAcc Ranking: #10 overall (#7 among public universities)

Fisher once again places in the top ten nationally.

Doctoral Ranking (Teaching): #10
Doctoral Ranking (Research): #14

Fisher has ranked among the top doctoral programs since 1994 and has a rich tradition of producing thought leaders in the field of accounting.

Undergraduate Ranking: #6 overall (#4 among public universities)

Fisher rose to 6th overall and ranks #4 among public universities in the survey.

PAR seeks to measure accounting professor perceptions of top programs. For the undergraduate and graduate rankings, professors are asked to rank programs on a 1 to 10 scale on the single question, “Which programs consistently turn out students capable of some day attaining partner status?” For the doctoral rankings, professors are asked to name the programs they most regard for turning out accounting professors: a) in terms of teaching; and b) in terms of research.

All of the programs listed in the survey are very strong programs – but not all are the same. Do you want a program that focuses primarily on technical knowledge? Or would you prefer a program that focuses more on conceptual topics? Do you want a program that consists of students mostly from the same undergraduate institution? Or a program where most of its students are from a variety of backgrounds? It is critical that when researching programs, you look for aspects that are important to you.

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