Prerequisites for the MACC program

Pre-requsites? We have them - here's how you can meet them!

Not all Master of Accounting (or “MAcc”) programs are the same when it comes to necessary prerequisite coursework. When you’re investigating MAcc programs, be sure to check into the expected prerequisites.

A common question we receive is on the Fisher/Ohio State MAcc program’s  prerequisite courses. For a complete listing of the prerequisites, check this page.

Here’s a quick Q&A that will help you determine whether you are eligible to submit an application to the Fisher MAcc program:

1) Have you already completed all five courses or their equivalents at the time of application? If “yes,” you are eligible to apply. If “no,” please go to point #2 below.

2) Have you completed introductory financial accounting and introductory managerial accounting at time of application? If “no,” hold off on submitting your application and transcripts until you have completed both courses. If “yes,” you are eligible to apply. NOTE: If you are offered admission with having taken only those two courses at time of application, your admission will be “conditional.” If you are offered conditional admission, you will have the option of either i) taking the necessary prerequisites at any four year university/college prior to Fisher MAcc enrollment in autumn 2011 or ii) enroll in the PreMAcc Seminar in August 2011 to satisfy the conditions of your admission.

3) Are there any other (non-accounting) courses I should ensure I have on my transcript at time of application? Beyond the accounting courses described above, you need to ensure that you have completed at least one course in each of the following subjects at the time of application: i) microeconomics, ii) statistics, and iii) calculus. Additional courses that are helpful – but not necessary – to be completed by time of enrollment if you are admitted include i) auditing, ii) taxation, and iii) advanced accounting (covering consolidated statements, etc.).

A final note –> You do NOT need to complete the prerequisite courses at Ohio State. As long as you took (or take) the prerequisite courses at an accredited four year university, you’ll be OK!