Lead Read Today is a publication from The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business’ Leadership Initiative. The Fisher Leadership Initiative is dedicated to meeting the world’s need for principled leaders. Lead Read Today helps us accomplish this task by providing evidence-based leadership and management research, commentary and analysis to small business, nonprofit, public sector and other leadership practitioners.

We are dedicated to bridging the research-practice divide and providing evidence-based leadership and management best practices to our audience of community practitioners. All of our articles have leadership as a core theme, and the majority of our content combines leadership research and evidence with perspective and commentary.

We link all articles to our comprehensive, evidence-based leadership model – BUILD. You can learn more about the BUILD Leadership Model below.

The BUILD Leadership Model

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The BUILD Framework is our multi-faceted, evidence-based principled leadership model that has advantages over other models and measures of leadership. It is built upon decades of leadership research and is firmly grounded on a strong foundation of evidence.


Visual of the BUILD Framework

The BUILD Competencies include:

Stewardship Relational Skills Self-Leadership
Vision Developing Others Self-Awareness
Wisdom Managing Others Emotional Intelligence
Strategic Planning Decision-Making Self-Control and Management
Diplomacy Communication Social Responsibility
Change Agent Resolving Conflict Intrinsic Motivation
Responsibility Ethical Conduct Character Development

We have developed an online tool to measure leadership behaviors across these competencies. To learn more about this assessment, contact the Fisher Leadership Initiative team leadershipassessment@osu.edu.