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“What did you learn this summer?”
"What did you learn this summer?"

I just have 4 days of my work left at my internship, and before I leave, I am required to give a final presentation, on which I will be assessed for a full-time job offer. Scary. My presentation is Monday, August 5, but I also have to have a final meeting with my supervisor about […]

My Buckeye Network
My Buckeye Network

My whole life I’ve been a huge Buckeyes fan and was beyond excited to be accepted into graduate school at Ohio State because that meant I would be an actual part of the buckeye family! Really, I just couldn’t wait to experience the athletics here and all the great sports teams Ohio State has. But […]

From C-Bus to H-Town
From C-Bus to H-Town

It’s just a little over a week until I load all my belongings into my cramped car and my head is spinning with thoughts….what clothes do I need to pack? Where can I rent furniture? And is it true that people can survive wearing long pants to work in 100+ degree heat? I’m anxious about […]