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Embarkation Week in Pittsburgh, PA
Embarkation Week in Pittsburgh, PA

My journey with Giant Eagle began at Embarkation week in Pittsburgh, PA.  I had expected our orientation sessions to be in-depth training on how to do our jobs, ex. how to write an order. However, I was very wrong. We embarked on a benchmarking project, where we compared Giant Eagle’s banners (Market District, Giant Eagle […]

Getting Antsy to Start With Giant Eagle
Getting Antsy to Start With Giant Eagle

My first day of my internship is with Giant Eagle will be June 3rd. Although I will be working in Columbus all summer, Day 1 begins in Pittsburgh for orientation, called Embarkation. Pittsburgh is where Giant Eagle headquarters are located and I am looking forward to going there because; I have never been to Pittsburgh […]

So, I get off the A train…Now what?
So, I get off the A train...Now what?

I gave the commute a trial run this weekend, and on Monday when I got off the subway at 59th and Columbus Circle, I suddenly felt like the internship was real, more tangible than it had been before.   (The NYC Subway app might be the best $0.99 ever spent, by the way, maybe with the […]

My First Day
My First Day

Hi Everyone! My first day at KeyBank left me utterly exhausted.  Initially, our orientation had four people, giving me the mistaken impression that the internship pool at Key was small.  To my surprise, when we took our picture, it looked as if the pool was 50+ strong!  This was very exciting, and I got to […]

Hope International – Orientation (May 21-23)
Hope International - Orientation (May 21-23)

Orientation Blog Hey everyone, glad to finally have time to post my first blog (which is actually backdated for the dates May 21-23.) Wednesday (Philly Cheesesteak) 12:30 PM: Left Columbus promptly after taking an early 721 quiz. I have orientation for my internship this weekend even though I’m still in school; I’ll be flying up […]