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Going Places in the Middle of Nowhere

As you know, I’ve had the opportunity to travel quite a bit in my lifetime. Having moved every 3 years or less, I figured another move would just add to the list. In fact, I actually enjoy moving to new places.  This was until I was about two and a half hours in on my […]

Moving Out!
Moving Out!

Hello everyone! On Monday at 7:30 AM, I will need to report to Key Bank HQ to begin my internship! Thus, I’m happy to report that I am moving out! Sayonara to those days filled with playing Team Fortress 2, browsing Reddit, and goofing off with abandon; I am now heading off to Cleveland from […]

Movin’ Out

It’s been about a week or two since I’ve arrived in Orlando to participate in the Disney College Program and the one lesson that I’ve learned is to take logistics seriously! You would think that most of the difficult work involves apply for jobs, going through interviews and waiting for a job offer, but I […]