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A euthanizing shot

I did the dumbest thing this week. Another intern and I were asked to help videotape the top 5 finalists of an innovation contest going on within Cardinal. We shot the video as the finalists prepared to present their idea to a panel of senior executives. While prepping one of the finalists, we joked about […]

The Best Advice I’ve Ever Received

It’s week six here at Ford Motor Company and I’m doing better. There are peaks and valleys when it comes to anything that you do and I’ve been through plenty of peaks and plenty of valleys. Rather than sit and get frustrated, I’m taking the advice of one of my mentors. Do something extraordinary. I’ve […]

Find the iron
Find the iron

I had a terrible first day at Deloitte Consulting. Now don’t get me wrong: my peers, instructors, and orientation program were great. What’s terrible is that I had to fly to Atlanta for two days of training with nothing but my laptop bag and the clothes on my back. A little background. My name is […]


It is normal for a person to feel embarrassed.  This rosy-cheek feeling can come from forgetting to zip your fly or awkwardly being the center of attention. I want to make it known that it is okay to be embarrassed at the work place, and for me, this happened several times this week. Embarrassing act […]

Intern Bloopers

No matter how much people tell you there are no dumb questions and that you should ask everything you don’t understand; there is something about not wanting to sound stupid that makes you think twice before just saying anything. Moreover, when the people around are experts dealing with the business you are trying to understand… you really […]