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Going Places in the Middle of Nowhere

As you know, I’ve had the opportunity to travel quite a bit in my lifetime. Having moved every 3 years or less, I figured another move would just add to the list. In fact, I actually enjoy moving to new places.  This was until I was about two and a half hours in on my […]

“And I’m proud to say that I love this place…”
"And I'm proud to say that I love this place..."

Not a weekend or even a day has gone by when I haven’t had something to do. And I am definitely living in “small town USA.” Midland, MI – where Dow is headquartered – has a population of about 42,000 people yet there is never a dull moment. While I haven’t stayed in Midland for […]

Whirlwind to Whirlpool
Whirlwind to Whirlpool

Hi there! My name is Ruth Kee and I am a third year accounting and finance major. I am originally from Chicago, Illinois and am very excited to be moving to Benton Harbor, Michigan to work for Whirlpool. One thing that I really miss about Chicago is living near the lake, so I will be […]