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Hugs and Kisses – Culture at Dow
Hugs and Kisses – Culture at Dow

Week one of working with The Dow Chemical Company was an abrupt contrast to the somber corporate accounting department I was expecting to be a part of.  It was week 3 of co-location and the Brazil team was getting ready to head back home.  To my surprise the level of emotion in the room was […]

The Perfect Card

How do you choose which thank you card to send when the recipients will be those you worked with at a company that makes thank you cards?  Moreover, how can I possibly find a card that says everything I want to say to my colleagues?  This card has a huge responsibility, to accurately convey the […]

Helpful Hints

Coming into the 10th and final week of my internship at Exel, I thought that I’d give a list of advice that I learned while interning this summer.   Always have a pen and a notebook with you. I don’t know how many times I might be walking from a meeting or sitting at my […]

Words of Wisdom
Words of Wisdom

Throughout the Summer I have been on different calls with different facets of the company, as well as had a team that was not afraid to share their thoughts. Throughout the summer I jotted down words of advice that really resonated with me. Words of Wisdom from around the office: Happiness is most important and […]

What up, dorm life?

Nothing makes you appreciate the closet-sized room that you have on campus like sharing a one-person hotel room with a complete stranger for ten weeks. I guess we’re starting with the bad news first.  It’s true; my company has squeezed eighteen interns into nine rooms within an extended-stay hotel.  The rooms are as small as […]

Approaching the Finish Line

As I prepare to start my last week of the internship with KPMG, I find it important to take a minute to look back over the last eight weeks with the company and decide if public accounting, the Big Four, and KPMG specifically is the right career path for me. I was chatting with a […]

Feels Like Home

  Moving to a foreign country where you don’t speak much of the language can be a challenging and frustrating experience at times. You come to accept that everything in your day-to-day life, absolutely everything, is going to be more difficult. Sometimes this is a fun and exciting challenge and sometimes you want to pull […]

Meeting with Mark Fields
Meeting with Mark Fields

This week, the marketing interns had the opportunity to chat with Mark Fields, president of The Americas at Ford Motor Company. He offered us some advice that applies not only at Ford Motor Company, but also in our daily lives: Feedback is incredibly important. As tough as it is to hear, it’s best to know […]

How Does My Time At OSU Relate?

I don’t know about anyone else, but this is something that I used to always wonder while in class at OSU.  I used to sit there and think “I don’t see how any of this is ever going to help me”.  And now I feel that I finally have at least a partial answer. First, […]

Always Learning

One thing my mother has always taught me is that you’re never finished learning. This has been absolutely true for me this summer during my internship at Votorantim Cimentos. I would like to say that I walked into the office on day one with all the knowledge and tools necessary to complete my project but […]


So far I feel that I’ve learned one big thing and it comes back to something my dad always says, “everything in moderation”.  Don’t get me wrong, I have worked my butt off so far and really think my managers have noticed.  However, I also know that I wouldn’t be able to keep up such […]

Holy Time Management

Meetings on meetings on meetings.  We have meetings to talk about our last meeting and when to hold our next one.  My typical week consists of no less than 30 meetings.  American Greetings? More like American Meetings. The majority of these meetings are held to discuss one of the twelve projects I’m juggling at any […]

Irish Business Environment vs.the States

Ok. I’ve been typing and deleting my openning for half an hour already. So I decide to stop wasting time and just jump into my topic: the difference between irish business environment and the States. 1. Irish Business tends to be smaller. People might argue with me becasue there are also plenty of small businesses […]

I lived through my first California earthquake!
I lived through my first California earthquake!

Well, the time has come-I’m all packed up, my last day of my internship is tomorrow, and I just checked the weather for the first time this summer (Ohio is much more unpredictable than California).  AND Mother Nature was kind and didn’t want me to leave without experiencing an earthquake, so on my 2nd to last day- […]

Informational Interviews and other resources
Informational Interviews and other resources

This summer has been flying by (a little too quickly, I might add)!! As I continue my internship at the hospital, I have also been researching different career paths to follow in marketing. I’ve been researching online and have also been talking with people who have experience in the field of marketing. I know this isn’t directly related […]

NESTLE: Good Food, Good Life.
NESTLE: Good Food, Good Life.

  Taste Testing- My title couldn’t be more accurate.  Nestle is 150% providing me with a summer full of “Good Food and Good Life”.  About three weeks after I started working at Nestle this summer I finally went downstairs to the basement to participate in the daily taste testing of our potential new products. Since then, […]

Finally settling in…

I have been working for the hospital for a few weeks now (it’s so hard to believe how fast this summer is flying by!) and am finally now feeling settled and have found a routine to follow. I have continued working on the marketing strategy for sleep labs (described in my earlier post) and am now focusing more on […]

A valuable learning experience…
A valuable learning experience...

My internship in sales has been quite an eye opening experience. While many people enjoy sales, I did not…at all. It just wasn’t for me.  So, rather than being miserable all summer pursuing something I knew I would never want to do again,  I decided to end my time there and try to figure out […]

Everything You Need to Know You Learned in Kindergarten.. (and business management 331)
Everything You Need to Know You Learned in Kindergarten.. (and business management 331)

We all do it, sit in class and wonder when we’re going to use VLOOKUP, or when calculating the re-order point is going to help us roll in the big bucks.  Well, here is your answer, all the time and hopefully very soon, but please be patient because hard work doesn’t warrant instant results, it […]

Destination: Dublin
Destination: Dublin

Hi Everyone! My name is Aimee Agliam, and I’m a fourth year student from the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio.  I attended Walsh Jesuit High School, near Akron, Ohio.  Although many people wouldn’t go to such a huge school, I chose to go to Ohio State because of its size.  With a large school comes a […]

Summers go away fast!

I think that we all think summer is too short, but the reason they are short is because we enjoy ourselves during this time. I think the reason we really love summer is because we are programmed to think that we are having a break…a break from the day-to-day routine and lifestyle we have during […]

25 minutes before my 25 minutes

25 minutes to sell yourself 25 minutes to impress 25 minutes to summarize a busy summer 25 minutes to describe your projects 25 minutes to be honest 25 minutes to be objective 25 minutes to get real 25 minutes to thank and represent all the people that mentor you 25 minutes to prove that you […]

Thinking on having an Internship?

I know a lot of people that take their Major classes before senior year, I really don’t have a strong opinion of what I think would be better since I see multiple pros and cons to each way one can choose to follow. In my case it worked out that I was able to get all my […]

Putting your feet on the ground….
Putting your feet on the ground....

I finished my first project.  It was exciting to see the final result of a process of adaptation and learning!   You see, I had to create a map that interactively refreshes with Excel data that is imported from queries and databases (trust me THANK YOU CSE200!) in the company’s system. The map retrieves costs […]