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Hugs and Kisses – Culture at Dow
Hugs and Kisses – Culture at Dow

Week one of working with The Dow Chemical Company was an abrupt contrast to the somber corporate accounting department I was expecting to be a part of.  It was week 3 of co-location and the Brazil team was getting ready to head back home.  To my surprise the level of emotion in the room was […]

The Discover Culture

One of the things that has really struck me about my work at Discover is the aura friendliness and helpfulness.  Since day one, Discover has been a very relaxed and fun place to work, which is not at all how I thought it would be.  I really thought it would be more like this.  However, […]

Lessons of Culture

Just two weeks into my internship, I have already had to quickly adjust to the subtle differences of working and doing business in another country than my own. Brazilians, at least everyone that I’ve met, are very friendly people, hardworking, and fun-loving. Just as you or I. But there are a few specific differences in […]

Family-Like Environment
Family-Like Environment

One thing that has stood out to me from working with Scott’s so far is the close-knit atmosphere. I already mentioned that coworkers share their stories about their families with one another (at appropriate times of course), but Scotts as a company whole makes you feel a part of their own family.  Throughout the summer […]