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Pay it Forward!
Pay it Forward!

This Friday I had the privilege to visit the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus with fellow KPMG interns for a little community service.  We brought new books for the kids and read to them – or in my case, let them read to us! After reading to the kids, we helped them paint their […]

Tip #3: Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor

It is imperative as an intern to find a mentor – not only to help you build your network and stay in touch after your internship, but also to maintain sanity during your internship! I am lucky to have several mentors here at KPMG already.  One of the great things about the company’s internship program […]

Window Washing and Weed Wacking
Window Washing and Weed Wacking

Time is really starting to fly here in St. Joes.   Throughout the summer there have been many   ways to get involved.  One of the groups that I have taken the most interest in is the Young Professionals Network (YP!)  here at Whirlpool.  Over this past week there was an  event – YP! Reach 100.  The […]

Sophia’s Bio
Sophia's Bio

Hello Everybody! My name is Sophia Elefter. I am a 3rd year at OSU.  I am double majoring in Finance and Modern Greek.  Some ask “Why choose to study such a unique language?”–to put it plainly: my family is Greek, I wanted to learn to speak the language better, I wanted to be able to study […]