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Instructions for Bloggers

The following writing suggestions and WordPress tips should help you get started blogging and deal with any minor obstacles you encounter. If you have content questions or technical issues not addressed here, please contact us using the information provided in your training session.

Writing Tips

  • Try to come up with brief, interesting titles
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Add images – your own photos are best, but get approval from your employer before posting photos from your workplace
  • Jot down ideas, quotes, etc. and save a draft to complete when your schedule allows
  • Explain details, jargon, acronyms about your work
  • Link to events, companies, people, or articles when relevant
  • Encourage readers to interact by adding comments
  • Let readers in on your opinions and feelings
  • Summarize with bullet points where possible to break up lengthy posts

What to Blog About

touchtypistWe brainstormed a few topics to help guide your blogging throughout your internship. We are hoping that you find additional topics and feel inspired to blog beyond the minimum of 8 posts. Our list to get you started is below.

Out of these 11 topics, you are required to write aboutĀ four. Required topics are indicated by an asterisk. You can write about most of these in any order – and we encourage you to come up with your own ideas for posts. What we want to avoid is everyone writing about the same subjects at the same time.

Ideas for blog posts:

  • First day or the on-boarding experience *
  • Connecting w/ other interns
  • Describe internship location and lifestyle
  • Coursework connected to internship work and projects *
  • Describe the internship work or projects *
  • Typical day at work
  • Developing relationship with supervisor and coworkers
  • Advice for students thinking about doing internships OR the most important thing you learned while working at your internship *
  • Mistakes or challenges during the internship
  • Building a network of people to help you get your work done
  • How does attitude make a difference with your internship experience

* – Required topic. Please blog about this at least once over the course of your internship.

Technical Advice

WordPress Reference

For a review of the WordPress basics covered in training, please consult the Fisher Blogs User Guide.

Adding Video to Posts

Refer to these instructions to embed YouTube clips in your posts.

Publishing to Facebook

Once at least one of your posts has been published on My Fisher Internship, you can set up your Facebook account to automatically import your Internship blog content as Facebook Notes. You can configure Notes to display in a box on your profile, as items on your Wall, or both.

  1. Under the “Account” dropdown in the main Facebook toolbar, click “Application Settings.”
  2. Click “Edit Settings” next to “Notes” and make sure you’re comfortable with the publishing settings on the Profile tab.
  3. Under the “Additional Permissions” tab in the “Edit Notes Settings” window, check the first box if you want your Internship posts automatically published on your Wall.
  4. While still logged in to Facebook, visit
  5. In the “Web URL” field, enter the web address of your My Fisher Internship RSS feed, which is formatted like this: - use your Fisher lastname_# user name.
  6. Check the box confirming you may publish the feed to Facebook, then hit the “Start Importing” button.
  7. Make sure your posts appear on the “Preview Notes” screen, and hit the “Confirm Import” button on the right.

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