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My Fisher Internship
My Internship in a Nutshell

Hi Everyone, Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while! I have been trying to find ways to sum up my summer in a blog post, but thought sharing this may be much more adequate. I created this Prezi for my end of summer presentation and feel it really summed up my experience at Cardinal […]

“What did you learn this summer?”
"What did you learn this summer?"

I just have 4 days of my work left at my internship, and before I leave, I am required to give a final presentation, on which I will be assessed for a full-time job offer. Scary. My presentation is Monday, August 5, but I also have to have a final meeting with my supervisor about […]

Less than 24 hours in Chicago

My last week with the company was a whirlwind of excitement. On Wednesday, I flew out to Chicago with the assistant controller of ArcelorMittal USA and the controller of Cleveland and then we drove an hour east to Burns Harbor, Indiana. ArcelorMittal has two giant steel mills in Indiana, Indiana Harbor and Burns Harbor, and […]

5 Tips to a Successful Vendor Appointment

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, in the off-price industry for retailers such as Ross, maintaining positive relationships with your vendors is the most important part of forming a concrete foundation for your business. Without these relationships, the vendor will never have you in mind when they suddenly have a cancelled shipment of higher-end merchandise […]

Adventures of the Intern
Adventures of the Intern

Last week all the interns and their managers were invited to ArcelorMittal’s loge at the Cleveland Indians game! I love the Indians and loges are always a great time with good food and awesome seats. As the only accounting/finance intern, I don’t see the other interns everyday in my office so it was nice to spend time […]

A future chef with PwC?
A future chef with PwC?

As I mentioned before in my Ernst & Young post, I was lucky enough to attend two leadership conferences with Ernst & Young and Pricewaterhouse Coopers during my time with ArcelorMittal. The world of public accounting is uncharted water to me so any chance I get to learn more about the Big 4, I take. […]

My Trip to Austin, TX!
My Trip to Austin, TX!

Now that I have been in Texas for over 2 months, I wanted to start exploring outside of Houston. I’ve been having a great experience at work and a lot of fun with other interns in this huge city, but I kept hearing I needed to visit Austin while I was here. Luckily, the long […]

“Confusion, Concern, & Set Up for Failure”
"Confusion, Concern, & Set Up for Failure"

The title of my post sounds a lot like something Joan Rivers would say on Fashion Police on E!; however, it actually refers to an email that was sent to me regarding one of my tasks I had been working on! “Sending it out to the Field Specialists as is would likely lead to confusion, […]

Halfway Already?

It’s been quite a while since I’ve documented any part of my internship experience — but at least if I say it’s because the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of learning on the job and exploring Los Angeles and southern California, I’m not lying.

A new appreciation for health care
A new appreciation for health care

I started to feel like I was truly settled in this week. A few coworkers, another intern and I traveled to New York to visit Kinray, a company that Cardinal Health acquired 3 years ago. Kinray is a pharmaceutical and generics wholesaler for retail independent pharmacies and is headquartered in Queens, New York. During the […]

My Buckeye Network
My Buckeye Network

My whole life I’ve been a huge Buckeyes fan and was beyond excited to be accepted into graduate school at Ohio State because that meant I would be an actual part of the buckeye family! Really, I just couldn’t wait to experience the athletics here and all the great sports teams Ohio State has. But […]

Where did that month go?!

I cannot believe that I am already done with my first month of my internship. It has flown by! This month has been full of new experiences from learning how to be efficient in meetings to networking at out of office events. All in all, it has been a fantastic experience. One main thing I […]

My First Week at Cardinal Health
My First Week at Cardinal Health

Hi everyone! My name is Jennah Kannard and I will be a senior in the fall. This summer, I will be working as a marketing intern at Cardinal Health in Dublin, Ohio. This will be my first internship, so I look forward to sharing my experiences and advice with other Fisher students through the course […]

Cali, I’m Falling for You!
Cali, I'm Falling for You!

I’m finally in California!!  The three-day drive across the country wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  My favorite part of the drive was northern Arizona—simply stunning.  I consider myself an urban girl at heart, but driving through Arizona brought out the inner mountaineer in me.  That might be a stretch, but if […]

Word of the week: “offer”

Offer. Offer offer offer. Offer, offer? Offer. For the past week I think I’ve heard the word “offer” more times than ever before in my life, and never has it been so loaded with anxiety.  This is the week when full-time offers will be given to the interns that American Greetings would like to have […]

Tip #3: Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor

It is imperative as an intern to find a mentor – not only to help you build your network and stay in touch after your internship, but also to maintain sanity during your internship! I am lucky to have several mentors here at KPMG already.  One of the great things about the company’s internship program […]

Take your child to work day
Take your child to work day

Remember Take Your Child to Work Day? Yeah. Let those memories just come pouring in for a second. Being on the opposite side of the equation – the side where you’re not the one running to the supply closet every ten minutes pretending to be your mom or dad’s oh-so-necessary personal assistant for a singular […]


I’ll start off with a theme that I saw on my site tour a few weeks ago. In the warehouse, the company had put up large posters that said “flexibility.” It said that flexibility is leaving your desk and coming back to find that it’s gone. This definitely held true for me this week! I […]

Better Late Than Never
Better Late Than Never

I have finally made it to Brazil! The process of getting here has not been easy, that’s for sure. But if nothing else, it has certainly taught me a lesson or two. Most notably, I learned to get creative with the resources available and to be persistent to no end. Let me explain. The entire […]

Irish Business Environment vs.the States

Ok. I’ve been typing and deleting my openning for half an hour already. So I decide to stop wasting time and just jump into my topic: the difference between irish business environment and the States. 1. Irish Business tends to be smaller. People might argue with me becasue there are also plenty of small businesses […]

Mengjia Li Introduction

Hello all readers, my name is Mengjia Li and I’m a senior at OSU.  My major is Accounting and I’m also minor in Math. I’m an international student, originally from Shenyang, China.  I studied in California State University, Northridge (CSUN) for two years. I was the Treasury of National Society of Leadership and Success, CSUN Chapter. […]

A Safari into the Corporate World: Part I–The Environment
A Safari into the Corporate World: Part I--The Environment

Hello, it is nice of you to join us today on our safari.  Please do take things lightly. Today we venture into the dainty world of Corporate Finance Life at Key Tower in Cleveland, OH.  We shall begin with the environment. The Environment Populated by humans, the environment of the Corporate Finance world is conducive […]

Less Painful Shoes (Second Day)

Hello! It’s a wonder what a less painful set of shoes can do to impact your impression of the day.  Today I wore a pair of TOMS shoes on the trek to the workplace from the parking garage.  Then, right before entering, I switceroo’d and wore my professional shoes for the rest of the day. […]

The Challenges of Working Abroad

As June ticks away I am still sitting here in Columbus anxiously waiting to get to my summer internship. I am set to work in the finance department at Votorantim, a Brazilian industrial conglomerate based out of São Paulo, just as soon as I get through all the red tape. If nothing else, my experience so […]