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My Fisher Internship
Typical Day
Daily Life And A Retrospective Look
Daily Life And A Retrospective Look

You would think that an intern would have a typical day with routine tasks and expectations. However, that is far from the case. I walk into the office in the mornings and have completely new experiences, and each one of them challenges me in new ways. That is the ultimate benefit of an internship, to […]

How We Operate
How We Operate

I am now officially over the halfway mark for my summer internship with Univar. Time has been flying by, but I am still learning new and exciting things every day. This past week I spent learning about operations by observing truck drivers, material handlers, warehouse supervisors, operations managers and lab technicians in their day to […]

Halfway Already?

It’s been quite a while since I’ve documented any part of my internship experience — but at least if I say it’s because the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of learning on the job and exploring Los Angeles and southern California, I’m not lying.

How to Survive in Retail: 101
How to Survive in Retail: 101

If there’s one thing you need to know about retail, it’s that it never-ever ends.  When you work in a Grocery Store that is open 24 hours a day, you realize that your 8-4 workday is more or less a guideline. If retail was a city, it would be New York; the city that never […]

Halfway Done Already!

I cannot believe I have already finished week six of my internship!! Time is flying by! It’s crazy to think that I only have six weeks left and then I head back to school. But over these past six weeks I have learned more than I ever have before in such a short period of […]

And these..are the days of our lives.
And these..are the days of our lives.

Happy Friday! I am about 2 months into my internship and am truly feeling like a member of the team here at Goodyear. I thought I would share what a normal day looks like as an intern here. I get up around 6-6:15 depending on how many times I hit that glorious snooze button. I […]

Selling 101
Selling 101

I never knew selling chemicals could be so much fun. For the past two weeks I have been shadowing account managers at Univar, traveling to big name customers all over northeast Ohio. Meeting so many different people and learning about their backgrounds and the industries they work in has been fascinating, as well as all the […]

Already Finishing Week 2!

I can’t believe I have already finished my first two weeks with ArcelorMittal – time is flying by. The most exciting part of week 2 was that I finally got into a daily routine of projects and tasks I can do. My title is Associate Financial Analyst – Intern but as of right now, I […]

Finance Bootcamp at JNJ

I’d just like to say I know the abbreviation is technically J&J, but I personally like typing JNJ since it’s a) easier to type and b) Johnson and Johnson’s ticker.  …Yep, that was my announcement… ha! Wow, long time no update!  Sorry about that!!! I decided to make a vlog for this entry, woot woot! […]

So. Much. Glitter.

Have you ever noticed how ubiquitous greeting cards are? Neither did I until I started working for company behind the most widely traded greeting cards worldwide.  Cards are everywhere, though, when you think about it, and I bet you can name at least 15 grocery stores, convenience stores, or pharmacies where you could pick one […]

Learn Something New Every Hour

When you experience a strange sense of excitement to wake up before 7am, put your “grown-up” face on, and go into the office for a 9-hour day, I think you can safely say that you’ve made a good career move. I am grateful to be able to say that I have experienced this emotion quite […]

Lessons of Culture

Just two weeks into my internship, I have already had to quickly adjust to the subtle differences of working and doing business in another country than my own. Brazilians, at least everyone that I’ve met, are very friendly people, hardworking, and fun-loving. Just as you or I. But there are a few specific differences in […]


So far I feel that I’ve learned one big thing and it comes back to something my dad always says, “everything in moderation”.  Don’t get me wrong, I have worked my butt off so far and really think my managers have noticed.  However, I also know that I wouldn’t be able to keep up such […]

Holy Time Management

Meetings on meetings on meetings.  We have meetings to talk about our last meeting and when to hold our next one.  My typical week consists of no less than 30 meetings.  American Greetings? More like American Meetings. The majority of these meetings are held to discuss one of the twelve projects I’m juggling at any […]

Accenture 101

I am pretty sure this is cheating, but this a partial repeat blog post from my internship last summer. However it is the new and improved version! Since I am working for Accenture again this summer a lot of the material isn’t completely new and foreign especially when it comes to the structure of the company. Accenture is […]

Day In and Day Out
Day In and Day Out

I have entered my third week of work and am starting to finally grasp the project, client, and team. It is a relief that I can now execute some of the same procedures and policies shown to me the first few days on my own. This internship has already been exceptionally challenging because everything is […]

Emoticons do have a place in the workplace?

Something that struck me as odd was how heavily emoticons are used at work! We have an instant messenger program that everyone gets that you can use to message anyone within DP DHL (like AIM). I wasn’t really sure how much I would use it, as I had never instant messaged someone professionally (teachers, professors, etc). […]

A Safari into the Corporate World: Part I–The Environment
A Safari into the Corporate World: Part I--The Environment

Hello, it is nice of you to join us today on our safari.  Please do take things lightly. Today we venture into the dainty world of Corporate Finance Life at Key Tower in Cleveland, OH.  We shall begin with the environment. The Environment Populated by humans, the environment of the Corporate Finance world is conducive […]

Less Painful Shoes (Second Day)

Hello! It’s a wonder what a less painful set of shoes can do to impact your impression of the day.  Today I wore a pair of TOMS shoes on the trek to the workplace from the parking garage.  Then, right before entering, I switceroo’d and wore my professional shoes for the rest of the day. […]

FAQs about Disney CP

I get a lot of questions about my program everyday at work. Here are just a few of the most commonly asked questions about the Disney College Program. What are you doing? I am currently on a semester long internship with Walt Disney World working in the parks and resorts in hopes of getting into […]

Is there such a thing as typical?

To follow a timeline because I know all the bloggers this summer have been blogging like crazy so posts are a little delayed – I have 1 week left of my internship. With 3 weeks to go I felt I was at crunch time, now with 5 days to go I have a presentation to […]

Excel at Excel.
Excel at Excel.

Excel at Excel.  That is my greatest suggestion for all Fisher students.  Because it was required for my Finance major, I took the CSE 200 course that everyone seems to dread–including myself!  I never thought I would say this, but I wish there was a sequential CSE course for business students or at least I […]

If you want something done right…
If you want something done right...

you have to do it yourself. That was one of my grandfather’s favorite sayings, and it is now taking on a whole new meaning with me. As I mentioned before, I have been assigned the task of developing a Key Performance Indicator report for our GIP team. After finally deciding what metrics we wanted to […]

Fees, Fees, and more Fees
Fees, Fees, and more Fees

With my previous blog briefly describing what hedge funds are, I can now describe how the company I’m interning with, Equinoxe, ties into hedge funds.  Equinoxe, as I have said before, is a hedge fund administrator, and after working here for a few weeks, I finally know what that entails!  Most people say that the […]