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My Fisher Internship
Relationships w/ Supervisors
Exciting projects at Ernst & Young

Hello finance / accounting fans, It’s been awhile since my last post; things here have certainly kept me busy. Just a quick update before I get started: I’m still loving my time up here, the work is really interesting, the people / other interns are really nice and helpful, and of course there’s always something […]

“Never mistake motion for action”
"Never mistake motion for action"

Week 3: Monday July 20-Sunday July 27 Fairly slow week, but every day I get insight from conversations with people I work with that is shaping my career plans and life goals. Ernest Hemingway said “never mistake motion for action.” I love this quote and it seems relevant to this week and this post. Just […]

Dimitar @ Nestle [Part 3]
Dimitar @ Nestle [Part 3]

One thing that I’ve noticed at Nestle, which has been very different from my previous work experiences, is the importance of employee-to-employee as well as employee-to-manager relationships outside of work. It seems like every week management or employees organize casual after-work events where large groups of people socialize and develop relationships. The first week we […]


Int. Coffee Shop
Young intern sips her tea while pondering her trials and tribulations from her first couple of weeks at Marvel and the New York Film Academy.

Second Week @ HOPE International
Second Week @ HOPE International

Second Week June 8-11 I’m ready to hit the ground running starting the first full week. During my touch base with my supervisor I was given the opportunity to create a new model for consolidation going forward for all HOPE’s entities. I was somewhat overwhelmed at first, but was excited for the challenge. HOPE owns […]

First Week at HOPE International

June 2-5 Tuesday: Originally was going to leave for Lancaster tonight, but oops… change of plans, I haven’t studied enough. I’m taking my last exam tomorrow at 8 AM; off to cram. Wednesday: Finished my last final and head back to the apartment to pack for the summer. It’s kind of surreal that I only […]

Marshal Getz in Jolly old England: Part 4
Marshal Getz in Jolly old England: Part 4

Hey hey mates!  Again, I am terribly sorry for the week and a half delay from my last post until now.  I have been extremely busy.  I started work a little over a week ago, and lemme tell you, Time has Absolutely Flown by!!!  I’ve been working from 9am-7:30pm about every night, and when I […]

Michael, Marvel, and Milla
Michael, Marvel, and Milla

Read about my assignment with the New York Film Academy, anticipated time at Thor, and my random LA adventures from my first week!

Vaishali’s First Week
Vaishali's First Week

Well hello dearest reader – so I had an exam at the last possible slot at OSU; 3:30pm on the Thursday of finals week, and I wanted to be on my way to Georgia sometime within 24-30 hours after I was out, so yea, it was an interesting end to a crazy busy quarter… Packing […]

Hope International – Orientation (May 21-23)
Hope International - Orientation (May 21-23)

Orientation Blog Hey everyone, glad to finally have time to post my first blog (which is actually backdated for the dates May 21-23.) Wednesday (Philly Cheesesteak) 12:30 PM: Left Columbus promptly after taking an early 721 quiz. I have orientation for my internship this weekend even though I’m still in school; I’ll be flying up […]