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I hopped off the plane at LAX…
I hopped off the plane at LAX...

Week 1- Wow! Since I’ve arrived in LA on Sunday night, June 12th I have… Rented an amazing SUV (brand new Ford Escape) paid for by Nestle for the next three months…I’d say that’s a nice little beach car :) Moved into an amazing apartment complex on the same mountain as the Hollywood sign.  Every […]

Easy Access.. To Execs!

If you’ve ever wondered what the office of a CFO looks like, well, I can answer your question.  Lots of windows, an enormous but beautiful desk, some comfy looking chairs (I haven’t actually had the VIP invite to sit in one of them), a big meeting table, and shelfs filled with family pics and memorabilia.  Oh, and […]

Work hard, play harder… Duff & Phelps Projects
Work hard, play harder... Duff & Phelps Projects

My fellow Americans, Quick run down since the last post: Competed in Duff & Phelps first annual Vending Machine Challenge. Challenge consisted of eating one of every item in the vending machine during the work day. Let’s just say after 6000 calories and 250 grams of fat, I thought I was going to die. Dinner […]

CHANGED for good
CHANGED for good

When it finally hit me and I realized that I was actually living on a different continent, working in a new environment, sharing a    home with twelve people I’d barely met, and was without my Iphone, Chi hair straightener, & every college kid’s staple – Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing, I thought to myself ‘I […]

Peas and Boats
Peas and Boats

Hello blog buddies! I owe you some pea pictures, and here they are! Here are some fun pea facts: -Once peas are ready, you have 24 hours to harvest them -Since the window to harvest peas is so small, people harvesting peas will spend up to 20 hours in the fields a day! -You drive […]

The Importance of: 91
The Importance of: 91

People are starting to get on me because I have not posted in a while. 91 people to be exact. 91: the number of interns working at Cardinal Health this summer.    And they are 91 of the most ambitious students I have ever met; from Harvard to the University of Chicago and Notre Dame to […]

First Days in Dublin, Ireland
First Days in Dublin, Ireland

I may never leave Dublin. My ideal type of weather is a football Saturday in the middle of October and the weather in Dublin is very comparable, even in July.  While the weather in the United States was approaching 95+ degrees, Dublin was at a very comfortable 65 degrees (18 degrees Celsius) every day last […]

Officially a Nerd, Part 1

Today, my fellow interns officially designated me the “Resident Nerd,” and I have to admit, I’m a little proud of it.  It all started on my second day, when I had an Excel Orientation with the other Time Consumer Marketing interns.  Anyone who knows me can vouch for the fact that I absolutely positively LOVE […]

Springfield, Illinois: Lincoln, Horseshoe Sandwiches, and Auditing
Springfield, Illinois: Lincoln, Horseshoe Sandwiches, and Auditing

Springfield, Illinois is known for being the city where Abraham Lincoln, one of America’s greatest Presidents, got his start in politics.  It is also said to be the place where corn dogs were created (although that claim is disputed), and is the home to the famous Horseshoe Sandwich. I had the great privilege of sampling […]

Nestlé is the Bestlé
Nestlé is the Bestlé

The top 10 most amazing things I did during my first week at work: 1) Flew out to Palm Springs, California 2) Met past interns and new interns from Ohio State! 3)  Networked with the President of Nestle Business Services and the Head of Procurement for Mexico 4) Ate ice cream for breakfast, lunch and […]

General Mills’ Key Performing Interns (KPIs) – LMA intern group project
General Mills' Key Performing Interns (KPIs) - LMA intern group project

As I sit in Centennial Park waiting for my cousin to finish touring the New World of Coke across the street, I realize I have not written in a while and I truly apologize for not sharing my summer with all of you; this is because it has simply flown by.  Time flies when you’re […]

Dimitar @ Nestle [Part 4]
Dimitar @ Nestle [Part 4]

Last week, the Nestle interns in Glendale volunteered at Hope Gardens Family Center. The Family Center is a transitional living facility where abandoned women and children get away from their impoverished, urban lives. At Hope Gardens, families learn to succeed financially, emotionally, physically, and scholastically. Once they’ve completed the assistance program, the families return to […]

Arrival in Dominican Republic
Arrival in Dominican Republic

Arrived a little past midnight due to the delays, the two interns from HOPE graciously picked me up from the Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic’s Capital) airport since my Spanish isn’t up to par, I studied French in high school… oops! They showed me back to their apartment, which was tiny, I’m extremely surprised they made […]

“Never mistake motion for action”
"Never mistake motion for action"

Week 3: Monday July 20-Sunday July 27 Fairly slow week, but every day I get insight from conversations with people I work with that is shaping my career plans and life goals. Ernest Hemingway said “never mistake motion for action.” I love this quote and it seems relevant to this week and this post. Just […]

Dominican Republic Trip with HOPE International

We were able to sleep in today, Friday, because we didn’t have work. I’m flying out of PHL at six to go to the Dominican Republic so a few of the interns are planning a day trip to Philadelphia. I’m a bit sad because this is the last time I get to see several of […]

Marshal Getz in Jolly old England: Part V(a)

Note to Marshal’s Faithful Readers:  Marshal’s editor has taken his most recent post, Marshal Getz in Jolly old Enlgand: Part V, and divided it into six shorter posts that will be released as Part V(a) through Part V (f). This is the first installment. Hiya mates, how is life back in the States?  It has been sometime since […]

Dimitar @ Nestle [Part 3]
Dimitar @ Nestle [Part 3]

One thing that I’ve noticed at Nestle, which has been very different from my previous work experiences, is the importance of employee-to-employee as well as employee-to-manager relationships outside of work. It seems like every week management or employees organize casual after-work events where large groups of people socialize and develop relationships. The first week we […]

Internship Program @ Cohen & Company

For this week’s entry I decided I would describe what the intern program is all about at Cohen. Having been involved with the firm in the winter on a part-time basis prevented me from being exposed to the internship program in its entirety. It all starts the first week for training but after that the […]


Int. Coffee Shop
Young intern sips her tea while pondering her trials and tribulations from her first couple of weeks at Marvel and the New York Film Academy.

Day & Night in the Big Apple

Hello readers, It’s been awhile since you guys have heard from me and a lot has happened since then. I have completed my training and settled into my role as a Transactions Advisory Services intern with EY. I’ve already gotten the chance to work on two different projects where we help advise our clients on […]

First Week at HOPE International

June 2-5 Tuesday: Originally was going to leave for Lancaster tonight, but oops… change of plans, I haven’t studied enough. I’m taking my last exam tomorrow at 8 AM; off to cram. Wednesday: Finished my last final and head back to the apartment to pack for the summer. It’s kind of surreal that I only […]

Marshal Getz in Jolly old England: Part III
Marshal Getz in Jolly old England: Part III

Good Afternoon everyone!  I know that it has been almost two weeks since my last blog, and I must apologize for that.  I will make it up to my readers by having a fairly long blog today. After my last final, I went back to Orrville and relaxed, spent time with family and friends, and […]

Vaishali’s First Week
Vaishali's First Week

Well hello dearest reader – so I had an exam at the last possible slot at OSU; 3:30pm on the Thursday of finals week, and I wanted to be on my way to Georgia sometime within 24-30 hours after I was out, so yea, it was an interesting end to a crazy busy quarter… Packing […]

Hope International – Orientation (May 21-23)
Hope International - Orientation (May 21-23)

Orientation Blog Hey everyone, glad to finally have time to post my first blog (which is actually backdated for the dates May 21-23.) Wednesday (Philly Cheesesteak) 12:30 PM: Left Columbus promptly after taking an early 721 quiz. I have orientation for my internship this weekend even though I’m still in school; I’ll be flying up […]