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Winter and Spring 2010 Authors

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Peter Hsu

“What made you want to leave southern California for Ohio?”

That, or some variation of it, is the question I get asked the most when meeting someone for the first time.

Hi. My name is Peter Hsu and I’m going to be blogging for Fisher for a little bit. I grew up in historical Lexington,Massachusetts and spent my freshman year of college at Pepperdine University in sunny Malibu, California before coming to Columbus and transferring here.

I’m now a third year finance student and was lucky enough to land an internship with UBS Wealth Management, which is writing about for the most part. I’ve had a couple other internships in the past and hopefully I’ll get a chance to touch on those experiences, as well.

Let me put out the following disclaimer: I’m not an expert at interviewing, writing cover letters or putting together resumes (I’ve gone into the Office of Career Management and had my “polished” resume come out looking like a kindergarten coloring book). I’m hoping that my little anecdotes can serve as either a guiding light or warning sign as you pursue your own internships.

Apparently I didn’t even put my name on there correctly.

So what made me want to leave the west coast for the mid-west? Aside from the chance to be a part of the most storied football program in the nation (I visited campus for the first time during Michigan weekend 2007 and began working on the transfer application during the flight back to LAX), I knew that Ohio State had some of the best resources available out there to help my education translate into an actual career.

Between the QUIC process, FisherConnect, and advising from Career Management, Fisher students get a sizable leg up on the competition –if they choose to take advantage of these resources. Sometimes all it takes is browsing through a few job listings, other times you might have to plow through a few QUIC modules. I’ve gone through QUIC and used FisherConnect to get two internships since being accepted into my major at Fisher.

The first step is taking the initiative and being proactive because, let’s face it, companies aren’t going to line up outside your dorm inviting you to work for them. That makes taking time out of your regular routine and venturing into something new. This can be tough, especially since it seems like time is at a premium these days. But in between [reading this blog] and browsing Lostopedia to find out exactly what John Locke is now, I’ll bet you can find a little bit of time to invest in getting your name out there to be seen by the companies who are looking.

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Eva Zamudio

Eva G. ZamudioAdmit it, your heart races, your blood boils or both when you hear an offer for an internship in a well-known company instead of a full time job. That was my case.

Hello, my name is Eva Gabriela Zamudio, born and raised in Peru and I am really thrilled to have the opportunity to blog for you about my internship in Unilever.

Just to give you a little bit of background about me… I am a non-traditional/four year student with a specialization in Operations Management. The non-traditional aspect is because I have been working for 5 years in the business/banking field before I went back to school to pursue a business bachelor’s degree.

Coming back from a study abroad program in France and backpacking around all Europe for a month and half; I prepared to take advantage of the career fair on the beginning of Autumn 2009 quarter.

I was glad to get different interviews for full time positions. That process was a great experience especially because it let me noticed the importance of an internship in your career field.

It made me realized that there was a time when having a bachelor’s degree meant you were automatically qualified for a job, however now companies can be very specific about the types of degrees and skills they want. Trust me on that!

That is why after a couple interviews with representatives from Unilver, I accept the offer to do a 6 months co-op internship program with them in the Global Supply Chain unit instead of taking a full time job.

Why an internship and not a full time job? First at all, I didn’t take my specialization classes yet so I believe I am in the perfect point of my academics, where I can make a valuable use of an internship.

Also, I am expecting to get from a internship the unique learning experience outside of the academic environment where I can test the theories, concepts and methods learned from our classroom, I can be expose to the real decision making process and working with others and it will wide the scope of my ideas for potential careers after college and I will be able to make key contacts in my field.

Additionally, because I will have the chance to know myself better professionally speaking. Like, do I enjoy working in the supply chain field? What do I like most over there? What is the work environment in Supply Chain like? What kind of people work in the Global Supply Chain Unit and in Uniliver? What things I can do particularly well that benefit the Supply Chain field? Is Supply Chain the professional field I see myself into in the future?

To finish off, I hope this blog is something that interests you and that you will come back often. My goal with this blog is to have a place to go for straightforward information about the pre-internship period, during internship and post internship.

I want to be more in depth than tips and funny experiences but not required you to wade through pages of uninteresting and uninformative tips for an internship situation.

I hope to become your Internship Period Encyclopedia. I am always interested in hearing your viewpoint and/or criticism of my viewpoint. Please send me any topics that you feel are important or that is generally lacking in coverage referring to an internship.

P.S For the curious, do you want to see Peru? Here is a great video I submitted to Fisher about of one beautiful area of Peru and that help me to pay part of my study abroad program:

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