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Summer 2011 Authors

Bloggers from Summer 2011 are listed below. Click a student’s name to read their My Fisher Internship posts!

  • Delanie Britton, External Reporting and Technical Accounting Intern at Cardinal Health, Dublin, OH
  • Wil Davis, Indirect Procurement Intern, Mettler-Toledo, Columbus, OH
  • Sophia Elefter, Finance Intern at Scott’s Miracle-Gro, Columbus, OH
  • Erin Frederick, Global Process and Planning Analyst at Accenture, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Abby Hoffmann, Marketing Intern, Columbus, OH
  • Ruth Kee, Business Performance Management Intern at Whirlpool, Benton Harbor, MI
  • Doug Kobe, Internal Audit Intern at Macy’s, Cincinnati, OH
  • Michael Kuo, Merchandise Intern at Disney, Orlando, FL
  • Patrick Lillie, Intern at Equinoxe Alternative Investment Services, Dublin, Ireland
  • Wes Lin, Intern at Online Computer Library Center, Dublin, OH
  • Taylor Mandel, IT Business Analyst Intern at American Greetings, Cleveland, OH
  • Amy Marrison, Supply Chain Intern at Dow Chemical Company, Midland, MI
  • Sarah Marsden, Human Resources Intern at Shell Oil Company, Houston, TX
  • Lexi Merritt, Logistics Intern at Nestle USA, Glendale, CA
  • Zach Messenger, Portfolio Valuation Intern at Duff and Phelps, New York, NY
  • Nadine Nash, Senior Financial Analyst Intern at Limited Brands, Columbus, OH
  • Bryan Navarre, Accounting Intern at Progressive Insurance, Mayfield Village, OH
  • Christine Nugent, Merchandising Intern at Abercrombie & Fitch, New Albany, OH
  • Erica Wong, Financial Institutions Group Intern at JP Morgan Chase & Co., New York, NY

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Delanie Britton

After much anticipated start date decisions, a department placement, and what feels like millions of pre-hire forms to fill out and submit I am so close to the first day of what will hopefully assist in figuring out the rest of my life, my internship. But first, a little about me!

Hi! My name is Delainie Britton, a third year Finance major/Communication minor here at Ohio State’s Fisher College of Business. I am originally from Maryland, an area called Frederick (you probably have never heard of it), which lies somewhat in between Baltimore and D.C. I came to OSU for the great opportunities in business, academics, and of course the Buckeye spirit/way of life that seems to take over the students and alumni. Some of my on-campus involvements include being VP Chapter Operations of Professional Business Fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, Volunteering for the Ohio State Medical Center, working in Undergraduate Admissions (UAFYE), a few other things here and there, and now blogging for you guys!

As for the internship this summer, I will have the pleasure of working for Cardinal Health right here in Dublin, OH. I have recently been placed in the External Reporting and Technical Accounting Department and am so excited to get started and finally apply some of the skills we learn in Fisher to reality! I have always been interested in going into healthcare, which is what sparked my initial interest in Cardinal, and created a great talking point in my interview! My program is 12 weeks, beginning on June 20th, so there is still a little waiting to do. My recruiter has been a great resource so far, explaining I will be provided a mentor upon arrival, and will have the opportunity to mingle with the CEO, George Barrett, and other executives at an intern dinner banquet soon after my start date, which is a pretty big deal! I will fill you in on what comes next! For those of you interested in a corporate Finance/Accounting career, or going into healthcare keep reading!

Cardinal Health Headquarters in Dublin, OH-My office for the summer

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Wil Davis

Wil Davis photo

For most people, an internship is a 10-week ride through an exciting and intense program that unfortunately must come to an end. I have been lucky enough to be interning for over a year with the same company. My name is Wil Davis, and I am a second-year in Finance, International Business, Aviation, and Economics, and also a member of the Honors Cohort Program. I work on the Indirect Procurement team for Mettler-Toledo International, Inc. (NYSE: MTD) here in Columbus. If you have ever driven to Polaris Fashion Place from campus, you have probably seen our office building as you exit I-71 at Polaris Parkway (we are on the northeast corner). Although our international headquarters and executive offices are located in Zurich, Switzerland, the Polaris location is the second-largest in the world, housing over 500 employees. My internship started last June, and I have been working part-time during the Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters.

Who is Mettler-Toledo (MT)?

MT Impact S Retail Scale

The MT Impact S Retail Scale that is found in deli and meat departments around the globe.

MT is a Fortune 1000 manufacturer of precision instruments, with 11,200 employees worldwide. What is a precision instrument? In our case, a scale, a pipette, or a food x-ray machine. Our main products are precision weighing instruments used in lab, consumer, and transportation settings. Our most visible products are the scales that weigh lunch meat at your local grocery store. Next time you’re ordering your’s, take a look – chances are it is weighed on one of our scales. We also manufacture truck scales that are used at the weigh-stations you see along interstates (yes, our two main products weigh trucks and deli meat). Our lab scales are used heavily in the pharmaceutical and medical research industries, as we are the industry leaders in measurement accuracy. Our pipette division, Rainin Instruments, LLC (Oakland, CA), manufactures precision, multi-head pipettes. Lastly, our high-speed food x-ray equipment is used to ensure that the one pound of food you get in your Hungry Man frozen dinner does not contain a single micro-gram of metal or other containments. In addition to the hardware that we manufacture, we develop state-of-the art software that allows our products to be seamlessly integrated into testing and production processes with the highest level of user-friendliness.

What is Indirect Procurement?

Procurement at MT is a division of Global Supply Chain. Indirect procurement involves all of the materials, services, and processes that are not directly used in the manufacturing of our product. This includes business travel programs, the sales and service vehicle fleet, office supplies, consulting and IT services, IT infrastructure, facilities, etc. My role within indirect procurement mostly involves managing the business travel programs and conducting sourcing projects to ensure we are receiving the best rates available. I also lead indirect spend reporting, which involves monitoring our levels of spend across the many indirect spend categories that we have. A good grasp on spend allows for a more accurate (and thus more effective) budgeting process. Because this is my second summer with MT, I am looking to expand my role and take on new projects that might normally be reserved for full-time employees. Will it happen? Check back after Day 1 and we’ll see! Good luck on finals!

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Sophia Elefter

Hello Everybody!

My name is Sophia Elefter.

I am a 3rd year at OSU. I am double majoring in Finance and Modern Greek. Some ask “Why choose to study such a unique language?”–to put it plainly: my family is Greek, I wanted to learn to speak the language better, I wanted to be able to study abroad (I did this past Fall!), and the idea of working for a company that sends you to work on international projects is inspiring.

I am from Copley, Ohio which is a small suburb of Akron, OH. Fun Fact: LeBron James’s house is about 5 min from mine! In high school, I played Soccer, and ran Cross Country Track. I was quite involved in student orgs but my most prized position was Senior Class President!

In college, I have done some shifting around student orgs, but currently I serve as the fundraising chair of a Fratority (co-ed ) called Sigma Epsilon Phi; for Greek-American undergrads. In my spare time I scrapbook, hang out with family and friends, and run– hoping to complete my 3rd 1/2-marathon this year!

Looking forward to documenting, my experiences at Scott’s Miracle Gro this Summer! I’ll be the Finance Intern in their Distribution dept. They’ve made me feel very welcome so far–a Blue Jackets hockey game, a Welcome Lunch at Woody’s Tavern, etc!

They do this neat community service project where your work team signs up to plant, and care for their own little garden the entire Summer. At the end of the Summer, we will donate the majority of the plants to the Food Pantry! Both the gardening and the Finance Internship will be a great growing experience personally and professionally! (no pun intended) :)

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Erin Frederick

Hello Everyone,

My name is Erin Frederick. I am a second year aspiring accounting major. Originally from West Chester, Ohio (suburb of Cincinnati), I attended Ursuline Academy for high school. During previous summers, I waited tables at Bob Evans, so I am excited to begin my first internship experience.

Showing some Buckeye pride!

This summer I will be interning with Accenture in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have never been to PA, let alone Pittsburgh, so everything will be a brand new experience. I would like to inform you that I have no plans of becoming a Steelers fan (My parents with Wisconsin roots and avid Packer fans made me take a vow.) Accenture is a global consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company. They are currently the largest consulting firm in the world and their clients include 96 of the Fortune Global 100. Accenture’s main focus is on business consulting, process design work and the application of technologies to business. I am looking forward to my assignment as a “global process and planning analyst”. I am not exactly sure what that all entails but I have been assured there will be lots of Excel files and pivot tables. My CSE 200 skills will sure come in handy!

I will also be participating in the Accenture Student Empowerment Program (ASEP). Through this program, I will be matched with an executive who will educate me on the industry and serves as a mentor. This program continues beyond the summer through next school year. I appreciate having this contact and a way to keep in touch with the company.

For me, an important aspect of this internship is to understand the different areas of business and how to best apply what I have learned in my classes. I expect that this 10 week internship will be a significant learning experience that helps me focus on a specific direction. Regarding future plans, after graduation I would like to gain a few years experience and perhaps return to school for a MBA. I really would like to travel and work all over the country. That is the plan for the moment anyway!

While school work consumes the majority of my life, I am involved in Fisher through the Undergraduate Business Council, Bradley-Paterson Hall Council, Community Commitment and various other organizations. I love the Food Network as well as trying new foods and restaurants. So fair warning I will be blogging about my favorite places to dine at some point in time!

I am looking forward to sharing my experiences through this blog. If you have any questions or places for me to visit please feel free to contact me at I wish you best of luck with your own summer adventures and future endeavors!

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Abby Hoffmann

This is me!

Hi everyone! My name is Abby Hoffmann and I am a third (almost fourth!) year marketing student at the Fisher College of Business.

I grew up in a REALLY small town in southeastern Ohio: Logan. Ever heard of it? Most people know it as the Hocking Hills. It really is a beautiful place to see! I graduated from Logan High School in 2008 and have been loving life in Columbus, Ohio ever since! While it was definitely an adjustment moving from such a small town to a large city, I have really enjoyed my time at OSU and love attending the football games every fall! I am a member of the Undergraduate Business Women’s Association (UBWA) and I am also a member of FisherCARES, a volunteer organization here at Fisher. I love volunteering at the Franklin County Dog Shelter and being able to play with all of the dogs there! I recommend to everyone reading that if you haven’t already, you should definitely get involved somehow on campus!

Last summer, I had the opportunity to be a marketing intern at a non-profit organization in Nelsonville, Ohio, The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio. The organization is dedicated to benefiting the lives of the people who live in the Appalachian region of Ohio and aiding to help provide opportunities for the pursuit of a higher education. I absolutely loved the experience I had there and really enjoyed being able to aid in the organization’s mission to help others! This summer, I plan to do a marketing and sales internship here in Columbus. I recently completed a week of really intense training and am looking forward to seeing if a career in sales is something I am interested in pursuing after I graduate from college next June.

Good luck to everyone on Finals! I’m really excited to share the experience I will have this summer with all of you!
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Ruth Kee

This is a lighthouse along the beach in Michigan- hopefully I will be able to spend some time here this summer.

Hi there! My name is Ruth Kee and I am a third year accounting and finance major. I am originally from Chicago, Illinois and am very excited to be moving to Benton Harbor, Michigan to work for Whirlpool. One thing that I really miss about Chicago is living near the lake, so I will be happy to get back to the lake this summer.

I will be working on the Business Performance Management team for the duration of the summer. We will be working to create an internal website for finance professionals to track and manage their careers. It will help employees working within finance map their future and will have interactive learning modules where employees can learn the skills necessary to get them to where they want to go within the company.

I am very excited about this opportunity because I will be able to get a better idea of the options available for finance professionals before I start my career and see what I need to work on in order to reach my goals.

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Doug Kobe

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the world. After writing the previous sentence and staring at the screen for about ten minutes I’ve realized how uninteresting I am. I’ll try to come up with something…

Business-professional Mug Shot

Name: Doug Kobe
Major: Accounting, third year
Boxers or briefs: I figured you’d ask…inappropriate, pass
Dream date: Bob Evans and/or a long walk on the beach

Now, I will discuss in detail the things I really like.

Things I like:
1. Golf
2. Watching golf on TV
3. Friends (both real life and the TV show)
4. Laughing
5. Mini-golf
6. Life (not the board game)

And last but certainly not least, let’s learn about my internship. I will be an internal audit intern at Macy’s (feel free to do some online shopping and help pay my wage) down in Cincinnati, Ohio. I can’t say I have ever even seen Cincinnati before, so this will be a great chance to check out a new city in this wonderful state of Ohio.

Anyways, the actual project I will be assigned to is store audits. This involves traveling to different Macy’s stores and performing audit proceedures. Basically my “home base” is Cincinnati but I will need to travel to various stores to perform audit procedures. My hope is to bring you stories from various areas of the country and the interesting sorts of things that I learn along the way. Beyond that, I cannot quite say what a store audit entails yet, but I can only hope they teach me how. Otherwise I’d be a fairly ineffective employee.

Have a wonderful summer, everybody. Take some time to enjoy the sunshine. Also, good luck to all the other interns on this blog. Let’s make Ohio State proud.

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Michael Kuo

My name is Michael Kuo and I’m currently a fourth year double specializing in Accounting and Operations Management with (hopefully) a minor in Chinese. I graduated in 2007 from Kings High School, which is near Cincinnati, OH and am expecting to graduate in June 2012. I am currently work in one of Ohio State’s lovely residence halls and have been involved in RealLife, Dynamic Contrast A Cappella and University Housing to name a few. With the spare time that I do have here at Ohio State, I play soccer, run, sing, dance, read theology and play guitar… Whew, that was lengthy!

Michael Kuo

That being said, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to go to work six months in the Disney College Program as a Merchandise Intern starting June 13th! The House of Mouse in Orland, Florida!

For those of you who are not familiar with the College Program, the Disney College Program offers students the chance to work in the parks and resorts as a Cast Member. During my time in Florida, I will be able to take classes that are Disney focused, work at one of the best resorts in the country and live in sunny Orlando, Florida. How awesome is that!

The reason why I wanted to start working at Disney was because I had a desire to make people happy. Most people will instantly think of classic movies, their last resort/cruise experience or any kind of positive experience whenever you bring up the name Disney. I wanted to work for a company that not only did that, but go through a program that gave you the opportunity to meet hundreds of new people, experience world-class customer service training and grow as an individual. For those of you who have taken BUSMHR 701 with Prof. Inks, Prof. Inks talks about considering what defines your total rewards package. Disney’s benefits, tangible and intangible, align with what I desire, so working for Disney is going to be fantastic… you have no idea!

My hope and desire is that I can serve as a representative to those of you in the Fisher College who want to pursue a career at The Walt Disney Company. I’m not even sure if I will be able to secure a Professional Internship (PI), which is the next step up from the College Program (CP), but I want to show you all what it’s like to live in Orlando and work for one of the world’s biggest companies. Over the next few months, I will be posting updates about what goes on for a typical student working in Disney and bring you some fun tidbits about the Parks and Resorts… so be my guest and put my services to the test (props to whoever knows where that line comes from)!

If you’re curious about my life, what I do or want to talk to me, feel free to click on any of those links. I leave you with a feel-good clip and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you!

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Patrick Lillie

Hello everyone! As the school year winds down, I hope everyone stays focused and does well on finals. My name is Patrick Lillie and I can speak for everyone when I say this recent great weather has made it difficult to stay inside and study! On top of the weather, there is one other regard that is engrossing me from staying completely focused. That is, I keep thinking about my upcoming summer as an intern. It captivates my attention not only because it is my first internship but because it is also my first time traveling internationally.

Currently, I am a second year in the Fisher College of Business majoring in Finance with a minor in Economics. Coming from the small town of Sunbury, located just Northeast of Columbus, I had no idea how many opportunities were available at Ohio State. I am in various clubs and organizations through Fisher, I play basketball (reigning intramural champions!) and involved in Greek life which all keep me busy. While these involvements are fantastic, certainly the most exciting opportunity I have come across is this internship.

I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel to Dublin, Ireland to intern with Equinoxe Alternative Investment Services. Equinoxe is a fund administrator founded by experienced hedge fund administration professionals. I plan on working for a company that specializes in financial services so I only hope this experience will only inspire me to continue pursuing this career.

As I said before, this is my first internship and international trip. Once I leave on June 25th, I will be in a completely new environment inside and outside the office. I have always considered myself an adventurous person and I believe this will be an adventure of a lifetime. While on this internship I traveling to multiple countries although I have not yet decided where to go (spontaneous adventures are sometimes the best). I am very anxious to learn more about culture, meet new people and experience life outside of the United States.

If you have any questions, input or advice; your comments will be very much appreciated! Keep following my blog to find out more about my international experiences and adventures!


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Wes Lin

Hello everyone!

My name is Wes Lin, and I’m wrapping up my first year in the Fisher College of Business’ Masters of Labor and Human Resources program.

I was born and raised in Potomac, MD right outside of DC. Just so you have a feel for my hometown: 90210 was based on my high school; the former king and queen of Jordan lived there; I ran into Arnold and Maria at the grocery store while they were visiting the Shrivers; Dikembe Mutombo lived down the street and Sugar Ray Leonard would sometimes attend his son’s sporting events at my high school. I first moved to Columbus in 2000 to major in Psychology as an undergrad and I’ve been here ever since. Don’t worry, I’m much more down to earth these days.

Completing my degree I worked for Permanent Family Solutions Network, the child welfare division of The Buckeye Ranch. Moving on after becoming incredibly burnt out (more like torched) in a year and a half, I became a corporate recruiter for Aerotek, the country’s largest privately-held staffing firm. During this time, I also helped launch an IT subcontractor firm that used OSU graduates exclusively and specialized in government projects. I took the helm as the head of our HR department up until the day we had to close.

Now I’m a big bad business student, traveling a ton before I settle in and start my internship with OCLC. OCLC is a global non-profit that specializes in digital libraries and information security. I’ll be here in Dublin, OH for the summer, which means I don’t have to leave any of my friends behind. Although some of my fellow bloggers will be moving away to NYC or LA or other exciting places for their adventures, I have every intent to make my own adventures professional and personally. You can bet that I will be taking you along for the ride.

I hope everyone finishes the year strong and I look forward to your comments and sharing my stories with you!

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Taylor Mandel

Picture of me

That's me!

Hi everyone! My name is Taylor Mandel, and I’m a second year majoring in Marketing at the Fisher College of Business.

I grew up in Fort Myers, Florida. You are probably wondering, “why did you come all the way to Ohio for college?” Well the majority of my family either went to OSU or are buckeyes by association. One of my first Halloween costumes was an Ohio State cheerleader, so ever since then, I knew I was coming to ole Columbus town. Ohio State is a big change for me besides the weather. I went to a college preparatory school, Canterbury School, and only had 46 kids in my graduating class. As you know, OSU is a little bit bigger than that. My freshman year at OSU I became very involved in my sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta. Being in a sorority not only allows me to have great support from my sisters, but it has inspired me to strive for the highest heights.

This will be my first internship where I went through the full interviewing process and get to work 8 to 5. My first internship was working on ad campaigns at a medical practice in my hometown, and my second was with Mr. Youth working as a brand ambassador for XBOX 360.

I am really excited for my internship this summer with American Greetings. I will be an IT Business Analyst intern, and I’ll be located in Cleveland, Ohio. I have only been to Cleveland for a long weekend, so I am looking forward to experiencing a new city, even though it isn’t as sunny as Florida! I really hope to have the opportunity to see the Indians play at Progressive Field since the last baseball game I’ve been to was a Boston Red Sox spring training game.

Fort Myers, FL

A little sunnier than Cleveland

Before my internship, I will be visiting some family in Chicago, Illinois, then heading back to Columbus, packing-up, and hitting the road for Cleveland! I hope you’ll continue to check in on my blog because I plan on letting you know every detail possible!

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Amy Marrison

Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.” Thank goodness for that! Two weeks till I start a new chapter in my book of life and I have so much to do, but will take the exams and projects one day at a time leading up to my move to Midland, Michigan.Myself!

My name is Amy Marrison, I’m currently a third year Marketing and Logistics double major at Fisher. This summer I will be interning with Dow Chemical Company in their Supply Chain department and specifically with their Home and Personal Care Department. As I said, this internship will make me move to Midland, Michigan for the summer. Midland is about 5 hours from Columbus and is true to name, about midway up that state up North and is about 30 minutes from Lake Huron (so a beach!). I’ll be there for 12 weeks so I leave right after finals and get back about 2 weeks before starting school (June 13-September 2 is the exact time-frame).

So who am I? I am from Pickerington, Ohio which is about 30 minutes from campus so moving 5 hours away is going to be a big change in itself for me! This past year I was President of the Fisher Citizenship Program – which I encourage all first year business students to get involved in next year! I am also a member of the Honors Cohort program. I am a huge sports fan, love my family and friends, and can be quite sarcastic once I get to know people. If you keep reading throughout the summer I’m sure you’ll be exposed to some of that as well as you’ll get the chance to know me a lot better than this intro bio.

After a week of 3 exams and 4 projects then a light finals week I will be ready to make the biggest short-term move of my life.

I look forward to sharing my internship experiences with you all! I’m sure you’ll get to hear from me again in 2 weeks about my first day at Dow!

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Sarah Marsden

It’s just a little over a week until I load all my belongings into my cramped car and my head is spinning with thoughts….what clothes do I need to pack? Where can I rent furniture? And is it true that people can survive wearing long pants to work in 100+ degree heat? I’m anxious about the 19 hour drive to Houston, Texas but I am really beginning to get excited about all the things I hope to get out of this new experience.

My name is Sarah Marsden and I’m a first year graduate student in the Master of Labor and Human Resources program here in the Fisher College of Business. I graduated from Ohio State last June with my undergraduate degree in Business, specializing in HR and decided to go straight through to graduate school. I currently enjoy working with undergraduate students as a Career Consultant in the Office of Career Management here at Fisher and in my free time, I figure skate with the Ohio State Figure Skating Club. This summer I will be working at Shell Oil Company, the U.S. subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell, as a Human Resources Intern in the Global Functions Department.

Shell is a huge global company employing 93,000 people in over 90 countries and territories worldwide. Although Shell’s global headquarters is located in the Netherlands, I will be working at the U.S. corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas. Although I don’t know the details of my position yet, I do know that I will be working on four major projects in the areas of Talent Management, Recruiting and Diversity and Inclusion. Although I’ve had a couple of HR internships in the past in both retail and manufacturing, I have never worked in the oil industry nor moved this far from home so I am really looking forward to this wonderful opportunity!

Ok…work life aside, I’m a little nervous but also excited about adjusting to a completely new city and trying as much southern food as possible! I’m looking forward to getting to know my new roommate; another Shell Intern from Michigan…Michigan State that is! And most of all, I want my internship experience to be different than any other experience I’ve ever had. Keep posted for more updates! Good luck on finals!

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Lexi Merritt

Hello Everyone!

I’m going to first introduce myself by telling you some fun facts:Me!

  1. I was born in Boulder, Colorado, and since then have lived in Princeton, Minnesota… Roanoke, Virginia… Lebanon, Ohio…and my family just found out this week we’re moving to El Paso, Texas this summer! Never a dull moment that’s for sure!
  2. I was the lucky chosen one that was able to thank Ben Bernanke when he visited Cohort this fall. After this encounter, one of my “To Do’s” in my agenda was… “Write Ben Bernanke a thank you letter”– Weird! P.S. He actually wrote the class and I a handwritten note back!
  3. Anyone and everyone who knows me, also knows my favorite food is corn & that I’m abnormally obsessed with it. I will eat it for every meal if I can!
  4. My boyfriend and I have a black lab puppy named Gilly. (Actually she’s over a year now, so that probably doesn’t technically classify as a puppy anymore, but she’ll always be a puppy in my eyes). She’s the best dog in the entire world and I am obsessed with her. She’s perfect.
  5. Running is my addiction- If I didn’t do it, I would go crazy. My family and I just ran our first half marathon in April and loved it!
  6. I’ve grown up in a family that has allowed me to do amazing things such as raft the entire Grand Canyon, dive with whale sharks, and hike Longs Peak. My family values memories and adventure, theMy puppy Gilly!refore adventure is a huge part of who I am.

With that, I’m ready to go forth with my new adventure… interning at Nestle USA in Glendale, California for the summer! This adventure is going to be totally new to me as I’m about to live on my own for the first time (I live in a sorority house with 40 girls) and figure out how it feels to be very far away from my family, my boyfriend Jason, my friends, and my puppy. I absolutely love spending time with my family and try to do it as much as possible so this will be a major change for me. I’m just finishing my junior year at Ohio State, majoring in Logistics Management and my position this summer is formally titled “Logistics Intern”. Last year I interned at Abercrombie & Fitch’s Home Office as an Allocation Intern and absolutely loved it!

I’m excited to blog this summer and tell you all how my internship is going and about all the amazing experiences I am able to gain as a California Girl! My manager has already told me that after my first day of work we’re going to a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game! YAY!

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Zach Messenger

Hello everyone. My name is Zach Messenger I am a third year in the Fisher College of Business. I am dual majoring in finance and real estate. I am from a small suburb in Cleveland, Ohio called Bainbridge. I am scheduled to graduate June 2012. I am a very active person I like working out, playing basketball, soccer, and golf. I am very excited about my internship this summer and look forward to relaying my experiences to you. I got my internship this summer by competing in the 2011 Duff and Phelps YOUniversity Case Study Challenge with 2 other students Chris DiYanni and John Weiler. They are in the picture below as well. I strongly advise anyone to compete in case study competitions, they are great real world experience and an even better way to showcase what you know to potential employers.

I am going to be interning at Duff and Phelps this summer in New York City. A little background on Duff and Phelps, their world headquarters is in New York. They are a leading global independent provider of financial advisory and investment banking services. Duff & Phelps works with CEOs, CFOs, hedge fund and private equity managers, investors, legal counsel, boards of directors, tax directors and controllers to value their assets and businesses.

My internship this summer will be dealing in portfolio valuation mainly valuing unique assets that hedge funds and private equity firms hold. Some examples of unique assets are CMBS (Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities), RMBS (Residential Mortgage Backed Securities), CDO’s (Collateralized Debt Obligations), and ABS (Asset Backed Securities). Also a key valuation that I am going to be assisting with is goodwill. Basically what goodwill is, is an asset on a firms balance sheet that results from Mergers & Acquisitions with other firms. When a company buys another company they pay a price that is above what the acquired companies assets are worth. So very simply put the difference between what is paid for the company and the tangible value of their assets is what is classified as goodwill. (Brand name, supplier relationships, and patents are specific examples of things that go into the value of goodwill)

I’m not entirely sure what I am going to do after I graduate next summer. I have to choice of going right into my MBA or going to work. My decision will depend on the opportunities that will arise this summer. I do know my ultimate goal is to work for a private equity firm. I would love to be able to value companies, acquire them, restructure them or combine them with other companies that the private equity firm owns and then resell the companies. I am scheduled to take my CFA Level 1 exam in December.

I look forward to keeping you updated on my summer internship. New York is an amazing city and I am really excited to work there. I look forward to learning a lot, gaining a lot of exposure, and networking with a lot of new people. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have or ask me things that you would like me to discuss in my posts. My email is if you have specific questions. Or on my posts you will be able to comment. Good luck to you on what you are doing this summer! Talk to you guys soon.

2011 case competition team

I am the second one from the left. In the middle is the President and CEO of Duff and Phelps Noah Gottdiener.


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Nadine Nash

Hello everyone. My name is Nadine and I’m a first-year MBA student at the Fisher College of Business. I am a corporate finance major with a background in accounting (I previously worked at Ernst and Young before coming to b-school) and I’m excited to share with you my experiences as a Senior Financial Analyst Intern at Limited Brands this summer.

Last summer, my first ‘Fisher’ (and coincidently, Ohio State) experience was as part of the Global Summer Fellowship Program with Fisher Professional Services. The Global Summer Fellowship allows students to work in teams with corporate clients on projects internationally, earning class credit in the process. For my project, I worked in Hong Kong with Mast Industries, a subsidiary of Limited Brands that works in global sourcing. My summer in China was an absolute blast – I made tons of new friends, gained some in-depth knowledge about the retail industry, visited new places with amazing views… even tried new foods (squid, shark, snake!)

A Picture of my FPS Team and Executives from Mast Global (I’m third from the left.)

I loved my experience abroad learning more about the retail industry, so needless to say, I was thrilled to get an offer to intern this summer in Columbus for Limited Brands in Finance. I’ll receive more details about my internship in the next week, but from what I’ve been told so far, I’ll be working on a project for sourcing and logistics that deals with international transportation. For now, I’m busy finishing up projects and studying for finals for my core classes, the ones that all MBA students are required to take. I just returned from a trip from Chicago, am going to Las Vegas in a couple weeks, and then I’m headed to Maryland for a wedding during the first week of my internship, so needless to say, there will be a lot on my plate within the next couple weeks in addition to getting ready for my work at Limited Brands. I’m definitely looking forward to it!

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Bryan Navarre

Note: Connect the dots so it looks like my actual pinstriped suit.

Hello everybody, my name is Bryan and I am a senior at The Ohio State University – Mansfield Campus. My major is Accounting and I am minoring in Professional Writing. I am taking classes for these programs in both Mansfield and Columbus. Currently, I’m a full-time Home Department Manager at the Kroger Marketplace in Mansfield until my internship starts on June 20. Not only am I a full-time student and a full-time employee, I am also going to be a full-time husband on August 20 to the love of my life, Crystal Browning, a 2011 Ohio State graduate. Sounds like a pretty busy life already huh? Well regardless, I look forward to this summer and shifting my focus to just my Internship and soon-to-be wife.

This past Fall, with time management being an important balance in my life, I highly desired kicking off my career in Accounting as soon as possible. So fitting in the QUIC process, the Fall Career Fair, and the many interview preparations finally paid off with my first internship opportunity at Progressive Insurance’s headquarters near Cleveland, OH. I am excited to finally put to work what I have learned so far through Fisher and the job experience at Kroger. At Progressive, I will be entered into the Accounting Rotation Program, where I will be able to participate in the daily operations of the Commercial Auto business unit. Hey, maybe I will make an appearance with Flo on a T.V. commercial buying a box of auto insurance. . .but probably not. What I do know is that the program, which is slotted for two-years if I were to land a full-time position after graduation, is designed to place somebody that excels in a certain area of the A.R.P. and to develop a solid foundation of Progressive’s accounting/financial business.

What to expect while I am there? I look forward to being challenged with ambiguity and team-based activities. I will definitely put-forth my best effort to ask questions and take initiative for the many job assignments in the Commercial Auto unit. There will also be a few days where we get to meet with all of the other interns at special events. Also, one of the neat perks to this summer will be the ability to use their workout room, a nurse’s clinic if I get home-sick, a reserved sleeping room if I want to just chill out for my hour lunch, and much more all located right on Progressive’s headquarters.

The nice part of having this internship experience in Cleveland is that I get to be closer to the majority of my family, who all reside in the various suburbs. I plan to stay with, yes, my grandma and grandpa. Hopefully my grandma will be nice enough for when I go have fun after work to give me a quarter or something like she used to when I was little. Being born in the Cleveland area, Middleburg Heights to be exact, I live and die by my Cleveland sports. With the Indians looking very promising this year, I will definitely have to hit up a few Indians games at Jacobs Fie. . . I mean Progressive Field (I think I am now required to call the stadium that from now on).

Thank you for reading my bio. Since I can’t say much pre-internship, I look forward to sharing my experiences with everyone and will offer some tips that helped me at my internship. Though I will share with you one tip now, which continues to hold true more and more. That is, “Not everything is handed to you,” you have to go out and get what you want. Don’t expect to go through the motions of getting a degree. Be involved if you’re not working and going to school. I am sure every intern can relate to this. Use the Office of Career Management, it’s the best thing I’ve done to realize that my schooling truly will have a positive impact for my future. NOW THAT’S PROGRESSIVE!

Crystal and I at Progressive Field

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Christine Nugent

First of all, the answer is no. You do not have to be as beautiful as Heidi Klum or as “really really ridiculously good-looking” as Derek Zoolander to work at A&F, but that can be the topic of another post!

Christine Nugent

This is me...and a sock monkey? Does this break the rule of not having other "people" in a headshot photo with you?

Hey everyone! My name is Christine Nugent and I’m a third year student majoring in Marketing at the Fisher College of Business. I will be graduating in December and am both excited and nervous about the “real world” after college that seems to so quickly be approaching.

I grew up in Powell, Ohio, just about fifteen minutes north of Columbus, and graduated from Olentangy Liberty High School in 2008. These past three years at Ohio State I have loved going to football and basketball games, getting involved on campus, and meeting new people. I am a part of FisherCARES, a volunteer organization through the Fisher College of Business where I served as the Mid-Ohio Food Bank Site Chair this past year. I am also involved in Young Life, a non-denominational Christian outreach program to high school students. Dedicating most of my time to leading Young Life at Dublin Scioto High School has been an amazing opportunity and I love the time I get to spend with the students there.

Christine Nugent

Just in case I broke the "headshot" rule, here is another picture of me!

This summer I will be participating in my FIRST internship :). I will be interning with Abercrombie & Fitch as a Merchandising Intern at their Home Office in New Albany, Ohio. As I started my search for an internship this past fall I attended the Fisher Fall Career Fair which was a bit overwhelming. After making a few rounds of the fair, however, I zeroed in on a handful companies that appealed to me and I had researched earlier that week. My advice for anyone thinking of attending the Fisher Fall Career Fair or Internship Invitational is just to relax, smile and make sure you know something about the company or position. Having a question or two that you plan to ask a recruiter can make you stand out and show that you did your homework! After writing what seemed like endless cover letters, resumes, and thank –you cards (always remember the thank-you) and interviewing with a few different companies, all my hard work paid off and I decided to accept the internship offer from A&F.

I can’t wait to start my internship with Abercrombie on June 27th and share my experiences with you along the way!

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Erica Wong

Packing up the apartment, 3 Finals, 5 Papers, 1 Presentation, Packing my life up into 2 suitcases, and Flying to New York City. These is the outlook of my life in a 12 day window as I scramble to take all my finals early, move out of my apartment on campus, then move in to our NYC apartment about 12 hours before my summer internship begins.

My name is Erica Wong, and I will be interning with JPMorgan Chase & Co. in New York City with their Investment Banking, Financial Institutions Group (FIG). FIG is a coverage group in the investment bank specialized in clients which include banks & thrifts, broker dealers, insurance and specialty finance. Me!

Picture of 383 Madison

The Octagon Shaped Building in the middle is where I'll spend many hours this summer

I’m a third year in Fisher College of Business majoring in Finance and Accounting with a minor in International Studies. I’m part of the Honors Contract program as well as a member of Fisher Futures. If you (Yes, you!) are interested in a career in investment banking, I highly suggest the Futures program; one applies during their sophomore year

I grew up in Dublin, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus, but was born in Taiwan. I have been fortunate to travel extensively abroad and many times to NYC as well, and absolutely ADORE the city!! Living and working in NYC has been my goal for many years, and I am beyond excited to be spending a trial period there this summer.

So, that’s a bit about myself and how I’ll be spending my summer, but if you’re at all interested in financial services or working in NYC, be sure to keep reading!!!

I wish you all the best of luck on finals! Happy Summer!


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