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Summer 2009 Authors

This pages lists our contributors from summer 2009. For information about our current contributors, please visit the main Authors page.

Allie Feinstein

dsc00825Hey there! I’m a current sophomore, studying marketing and theatre from Cleveland, Ohio. This year has flown by, but I can’t wait for summer! I leave for Los Angeles on June 20th and will be working all summer as a production intern for the film Thor, which is a Marvel film. When I first began the internship search in December, I had two criteria: I wanted a position in the entertainment industry and I wanted to be in Los Angeles. I spoke with Nadine Holmes and Diana Martin of the Alumni Association who sent out emails inquiring about potential job opportunities to Alumni on the west coast. One of the responses came from OSU alum and executive producer Arne Schmidt of “Thor” who let me know that there was an intern position open.

I have interned for one other film, but only for a couple of weeks. This summer, I am hoping to expand my knowledge of film production and marketing as well as expand my network of connections. I am definitely anxious to live on my own in Los Angeles and worry about being able to afford living expenses. Blogging will be a cool way to document and reflect upon my experience. Hopefully my blog will provide insight to others who are interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry!


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Marshal Getz

Stonehenge 2008Hello everybody! I am currently a junior at Ohio State dual majoring in B.S. Business Administration: Finance and International Business, and B.A. Economics. I was majoring in chemistry for two years before figuring out that it was too depressing of a major, so I switched to business and so far, I love it! But enough with that boring stuff, here’s a little about myself:

I grew up in Orrville, which is a little town in northeast Ohio. Orrville is home to the J.M. Smucker Co., and legendary NCAA coach Bob Knight. I lettered 3-years in football and basketball, was in the percussion section of the symphony band, and was an American Legion Buckeye Boys State Delegate during high school. While at Ohio State, I have been a member of OSU Ski Club, OSU Young Republicans Club, and am currently in the process with a couple of my buddies of establishing the OSU Brewing Club. I pretty much enjoy what every other dude enjoys: Playing with fire/fireworks, paintballing, 4-wheeling, throwing the football and baseball, mud pits, roller coasters, and anything else that’s crazy.

Having just transferred to Fisher College of Business from the College of Arts and Sciences two quarters ago, I was really behind on, well everything! I knew that I had to find an internship this summer because I needed to gain some experience working in a professional environment (my former jobs had consisted of working road construction and installing water pipe). I previously visited the United Kingdom for Spring Break 2008, and absolutely loved it, so when a buddy of mine told me about an internship opportunity through Fisher to the UK, I knew that I was on board. The Internship that I am participating in is through Fisher, and is sponsored by a London based group known as EUSA. This organization specializes in placing university students at U.S. institutions in internships abroad. My internship is focusing on the areas of investment banking and corporate finance; however what I am looking for most is to gain some valuable work experience. I could be doing logistics in a sweatshop for all I care, and will be happy as long as I get the valuable work experience that comes with the job. I know that I will cherish the opportunity to work abroad in London, and will make the most of my stay because this is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

If any of my lovely readers have any questions, please feel free to comment on this page, or if you want, you can email me at Thank you for reading this and my next update will be around June 21st in London, England.

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Andrew Hopkins

fisher-blog-picHello fellow Fisher students. I’m excited to get started blogging for you guys about my summer internship for Ernst and Young in their assurance department in New York City. Before I do get started, it might be helpful if you guys know a little bit about me and how I got my internship. I am a finance and accounting major. I came into Fisher knowing that I wanted to major in finance. All throughout high school, I loved following the stock market, and I knew I wanted to work with money. I added an accounting major during my sophomore year in order to supplement my business education and because I enjoyed Accounting 211.
I was fortunate to meet a lot of companies this year through my Fisher Futures and Honors Cohort programs and was really interested in what Ernst and Young had to say to me. I spoke with them at the fall career fair about pursuing both finance and accounting opportunities within their company. Once I traveled to New York and met the people in that office, I knew that was the best fit for me, so I accepted their offer to intern as an auditor.

Since I accepted my offer, I have been looking forward to tackling the challenge of working for a Big Four accounting firm in New York City. New York is a great place to launch a career, and I am excited about utilizing the business skills that I have learned in my three years at Fisher. I am a little anxious about the high level of work that will be required in a fast-paced environment such as New York, but I am confident that I have prepared myself well for the upcoming challenges and that Ernst and Young will give me all the training I need to succeed.

Finally, if you guys are wondering why I volunteered to blog this summer, I think it will give me the opportunity to continuously reflect on my internship and analyze how my internship experience is going. This will be invaluable when, at the conclusion of my internship, I will hopefully be able to decide whether or not I would like to work full-time for Ernst and Young in New York City.

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Catalina Lizarralde

in the beachHola everybody! My name is Catalina Lizarralde and I am a international student from Ecuador that has been living in the US for 19 months. I must start by saying that if something in my grammar sounds a little wrong, it probably is… but please bear with me… just imagine I am talking with an accent :). Anyway, I am a junior and currently I am part of the Honors Cohort program here at fisher. Hopefully, I will be graduating in the spring of 2010 with majors in Logistics Management and Operations. I decided to come to Ohio State because of its high ranks in these fields, and so far my experience has been fabulous. I must accept though that I am not a fan of the winter or the sudden weeks of crazy weather. In the flip side, I love the crazy scarlet and grey obsession and I proudly call myself a buckeye…even though I don’t understand how a nut can be a mascot or the fact that “buckeye” means nothing in Spanish… oh well that is another story.

Ohio State has been quite a journey of emotions, experiences and memories that have made a stronger human being. I have been able to meet people (professionals, professors and peers) that have influenced me in infinite ways and I just rejoice when I realize how valuable this ride has been for me.

Some of the family membersA little bit more about me. I was raised in Quito, capital of Ecuador but I am Colombian… After high school I studied music performance and German in Salzburg- Austria and after that, I backpacked all Europe in a couple of months. Also, growing up I participated in United Nations, program that took me to many different places around the world. With my parents, I have gotten the opportunity to travel as well and all the interesting experiences I lived in each unique place make me become passionate about traveling and experiencing new places. Besides that, I love to dance, sing, play soccer, chill in the country house, interact with different people of ages and spend lots of time with my family and friends. Pretty sweet random fact? Back home, my dad has an ice-cream factory and yes, I was the luckiest girl in the world…. I got to make my own creation. Also, I am addicted to soccer and In 2006 I experience some of the best days of my life while I was in the World Cup in Germany!!! Finally, I am the youngest of three sisters and I am a proud aunt of three gorgeous little girls and a little boy that takes care of me from heaven.

With my friends in the country house!This summer I will be interning with Dow Chemicals in their brand new business center in Houston Texas! I am really exited because I will not be only working with an industry leader, but specifically with their supply chain analyst improvement team which professionally passionate me. Everybody tells me Texas is a different country and that probably I am no longer going to be international one…that is pretty awesome. I think is fascinating I get to experience a different American life style. As soon as I get there, I will let you all know how it goes.

World Cup 2006!What can I say, I am a pretty lucky person with a life full of exiting anecdotes… and I have a feeling this summer is not going to be the exception.. so, stay tuned!

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Dimitar Popov

popov_dimitar_2My name is Dimitar Popov and I just completed my junior year as a Logistics and Operations Management student.

Ohrid, Macedonia

Ohrid, Macedonia

My strange foreign name comes from Macedonia, a small country in Eastern Europe where I was born and raised. You might have heard of Alexander the Great, the victorious military commander that conquered most of the world… well, he was from Macedonia. Although back in Alexander’s age Macedonia was spread across continents, today, it is a tiny country no larger than West Virginia. I would encourage you to visit it, if you ever get the chance. It’s a place of timeless tradition, hospitable people, and an exceptional cuisine.

Approximately 8 years ago, my family migrated to the United States. We moved to Ohio and I attended high school in Beavercreek, a growing suburb of Dayton.

Then, it was time for college. I walked into college knowing that I wanted to major in business. My ultimate goal is to make a substantially positive impact in the world. In particular, I would like to help the people of underdeveloped countries, such as Macedonia. I believe that this can be done most effectively and realistically through business. This was the primary reason why I chose to go to business school. The second was that I fit the requirements. A great quote carved into a bench at Fisher states “Business is a combination of dancing and calculations” (and don’t hold me to this, I’m not sure if I’m quoting it 100% correctly) and I know I have a pretty good blend of both.

However, “Business,” by itself, is a pretty wide concept. Almost everything is related to business. Thus, although I knew I wanted to study Business, I struggled to choose a particular path within the business world.

Eventually, after many considerations, classes, experiences, and Major switches, by the end of sophomore year, I decided that Operations Management and Logistics is what I would be best at. I like these majors because although they are part of the business world, they are very similar to the technical and analytical aspects of Engineering and Economics. Additionally, as someone who truly has an interest in multiple areas of the business, Operations and Logistics allow for cross-functional work with all departments within a company.

I’ve had the greatest time throughout my college career at Fisher. I’ve stayed busy and involved with many clubs and organizations and have continued to challenge myself with rigorous classes. This year I was a part of the Honors Cohort program, a life-changing experience, and I recently joined The Logistics Association as the new Vice President of Marketing.

Nestle USA Headquarters in Glendale, CA

Nestle USA Headquarters in Glendale, CA

This summer, I am interning for Nestle USA in their headquarters located in Glendale, California. I am a Logistics Intern working in the Beverage Division, which manages many popular brands including Nesquik, Nescafe, Ovaltine, Juicy Juice, and Coffee Mate.

I started working two days ago and I hit the ground running. So far it’s been great. I’ve got 6 main projects that I will be completing through the summer. Stay tuned for my next post which will talk about my on-boarding experience at Nestle.

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Michael Song

n12927696_36671474_3556I’m a third year finance and economics major in the honors cohort program.This summer I will be interning with Hope International, a non-profit microfinance firm, as the sole finance and accounting summer analyst. The Firm is based out of Lancaster, Pa (Amish Country… anyone?) and has funds in 14 different countries.

I found out about this opportunity as somewhat of a coincidence. I was visiting home for Thanksgiving break catching up with an old friend and was introduced to Hope International when asked about my intentions after graduation.

Just as a caveat, I have been hyper-focused solely on opportunities that have offered traditional valuation experience due to my previous internships in investment banking. Honestly, I hadn’t thought of this particular industry as a possibility for a career path directly out of undergrad until learning more about microfinance.

Hope International is a niche based microfinance firm that seeks opportunities in “hard places,” which directly translates to countries most major funds in the industry avoid. That being said, the fund is not extremely large. I will be working directly with the sole finance manager and analyst in assessing and improving efficiency of their funds while assisting in fund operations. Due to the small team, I’m looking to get a vast amount of responsibility and an opportunity to add value immediately.

There are three things I am very excited about with this opportunity: making a social impact in trying to alleviate poverty through business, receiving more exposure to the field of microfinance, and experiencing the impact of my work first hand in the Dominican Republic. As part of the internship the firm allows the opportunity for interns to visit a country in which one of the funds operate.

In regards to blogging, The Firm actually encourages interns to blog so that experience can be shared amongst the intern class. I believe the hindsight analysis of blogging will help me in clarifying my goals for the summer as well hopefully give some of (you) insight into the field of microfinance and general summer internships.

As a side note: If there is anything (you) would be interested in hearing about specifically, feel free to leave a comment and I will try to include it in my next blog.

-Michael C. Song

Background From Nicholasville, KY
Past Internships:
Consultant, Lazard Capital Markets (Columbus, OH & New York, NY)
IBD Summer Analyst, KeyBanc Capital Markets (Cleveland, OH & New York, NY)
Marketing Summer Analyst, Limited Brands (Columbus, OH)
(More about microfinance)
Banker to the Poor by Muhammad Yunus
Creating a World without Poverty by Muhammad Yunus

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Vaishali Thirwani

Vaishali ThirwaniI am a third year majoring in Logistics and Finance, and minoring in Spanish. This summer (2009) I will be interning with General Mills as a Logistics Management Associate (LMA) Intern! For this, I will be interning out of a plant location in Covington, Georgia. I networked with General Mills associates at the TLA Career Fair in the Fall of 2008 and dropped my resume [in] Fisher Connect, which led to my first interview here in Columbus. I was then flown out to Minnesota to their HQs for a second round after which I was offered the position for the summer.

I am looking forward to being in a new city, learning about the company, the position, working [in] a plant and also seeing what other kind of people I will be interacting with [and] if I am able and choose to work with them in the future. Of all of these things I am looking forward to; [simultaneously] I am a little anxious of being in a smaller place working at a plant. I am also curious to find out the living culture of the south and the kind of people I will meet!

To share my learning – including the joys and glitches – will make me enjoy this experience more. I can look back and see my growth over the course of my ten weeks interning. I think a lot can be learned from the doings of others, and I would like to be the source of this learning. For this reason, I am looking forward to blogging.

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Jake Vogel

jakeHi my name is Jake Vogel and I am a third year accounting major. This summer I will be interning full-time with a regional accounting firm, based out of Cleveland, here in Dublin. I worked part-time with Cohen & Company during the busy season and am returning on June 15th. I will continue in the CFAS (Cohen Fund Audit Services) department while doing AA and Tax work. CFAS is similar to typical auditing but focuses only on mutual and hedge funds. I was first exposed to Cohen last May at the Accounting Association’s Winter Internship Night. Since then I interviewed in Cleveland in July then started working part-time the first week of January. I am looking forward to seeing and working with my co-workers again as well as furthering my knowledge of accounting principles. Having worked for Cohen in the Winter, there are not too many things I am anxious about. The only thing that will be different is I will be traveling to Cleveland more for training and other intern exercises. By blogging about my experience, I hope that I am able to expose interested students to an alternative path for accounting majors. Not only through a non Big 4 firm but also in the service of fund auditing.

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