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Autumn 2009 Authors

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Bethany Grable

CIMG1334 - CopyHey Everyone!

My name is Bethany Grable, and I am a junior at OSU. I’m originally from Springboro, OH which is about 15 minutes south of Dayton. My hometown is pretty much not known for anything other than the fact that this year it made the list of best places to live. I was very active in high school with several sports including cheerleading and track. I also enjoyed my involvement in Student Counsel, Ski Club, and Prom Committee. I chose to follow my brother to Ohio State, and I’ve loved every part of my first 2 years. I am extremely active in my sorority, Chi Omega, and I am also involved with my church group (PCM), Block O, and a few other groups. I really love to work out and go shopping, of course, like any other girl.

Last year, I decided to attend the Fisher fall career fair on a whim knowing that I was young, but I still thought it would be good practice. I talked to Marathon Oil and eventually had a phone interview about a week later, and I was offered a position to intern in Indianapolis for this fall. I was very excited because one of my main goals in college was to set myself apart by interning young and being able to have several internships. I was placed in the Brand Marketing division. At Marathon, there is Brand Marketing and Wholesale Marketing. Brand really deals with the commitment of gallons bought everyday and Wholesale deals with getting rid of what’s left after the committed gallons are sold and it’s done for a cheaper price. Most of my responsibilities revolve around looking at branding new gas stations and helping the Territory Managers with all kinds of various tasks. I have already learned a million new things about Marketing, and so far I think I have probably traveled over 1,000 miles on trips. Other opportunities that I have had thus far include traveling to Chicago to meet with a customer, Combined Oil Company, and to attend a radio remote which is where a radio station comes out to broadcast at a Marathon station and we have drawings to give away things, such as Colts tickets, to show our appreciation to our valued customers!

Just to give a little insight on my hectic life as an intern, this week I will be traveling to Cincinnati tomorrow, Ft Wayne on Wednesday and Columbus on Thursday. I have about a million different experiences to share with everyone so I will be constantly updating my blog, and I hope a lot of readers will be interested in hearing about what I do on a daily basis.

Please don’t hesitate to comment on my page or to e-mail me at if you have any further questions about what I do or even anything in general :)

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Eugene Kolodin


My name is Eugene Kolodin and I am a senior at the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University. I am majoring in Finance, Accounting and Real Estate and this is my second time blogging about myfisherinternship. My past Internships were focused on Investment Banking at KeyBanc Capital Markets in Cleveland. This Fall and beyond I will be interning at TechColumbus right down the street from Ohio State in their marketing department.

What is TechColumbus?

In March of 2008 Forbes online published one of their many ranking lists. This list, compiled by George Mason professor Philip Auerswald, ranked the top 10 up and coming Tech cities and at number one was Columbus, Oh. I am not going lie and tell you that I wasn’t surprised when I saw that but it is one of the reasons an organization like TechColumbus exists here.

TechColumbus’s promise from their website:

Growth is the underlying driver of everything we do. We help start-ups grow their concepts, their maturity, their abilities, and their ambitions. We help established companies grow their business, their capabilities, their connections, and their knowledge. And we help individuals grow their careers, their expertise, their networks, and their confidence. Every day, TechColumbus provides the people, information, and funding critical to a thriving innovation economy.

highres_6430567.jpegThis very ambitious statement does a good job of emphasizing the broad impact that TechColumbus is trying to have. More specifically, TechColumbus is a non-profit organization that is funded both by state and private dollars and provides a large variety of services to technology and growth focused businesses in central Ohio. To participate in TechColumbus events and benefit from the various services that are offered companies generally have to become members of the organization. Currently there are approximately 600 member companies that range from the start-up level all the way up to Fortune 500 companies.

What I am going to be doing

I am working with the Techcolumbus marketing team and will be assisting in many different aspects such as planning events and getting feedback from members. The internship is going to be a great opportunity for me to get to interact with entrepreneurs and companies in the technology sector. I am very interested in this area because of my belief in the ability of technology to make the world an easier place to live in and it is one the reasons I sought out this internship.

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William Robinson


Hi everybody. My name is William Robinson, I’m majoring in Logistics at Fisher, and I plan on graduating in June 2010.

I guess I’m starting this blog a little late, but here is an update on my experiences over the last four weeks.

Seeing that I only have two quarters of classes left, this Autumn quarter instead of going to school, I’m interning at GE Aviation in Group Traffic and Distribution.

When I started interning here at GE Aviation in Evendale, OH, it was like a study abroad experience in a couple ways. I went into this Logistics internship being a Logistics major at Fisher, but I still wasn’t sure what to expect. On the first few days there were company names that I didn’t know, acronyms that I had never heard before, and a bunch of names to match with new faces, and naturally I felt overwhelmed with the necessity to not look and feel like an imposter. And just like studying abroad, not only is there a lot you don’t know, but there is also a lot that you need to know to get the most basic of tasks done. There was a lot to take in and learn in a short amount of time. Lucky for me, there was a week of overlap between the previous intern’s last day and my first. Mike, the summer intern, gave me the general idea of how things worked here in Traffic and Distribution, and how my responsibilities fit into the mix.

During this month, I’ve had to put a lot of energy into figuring out how to get things accomplished. With Mike it was easy, since part of the reason he was there was to answer the 500 questions a day that I had, but since he’s been gone I’ve been trying to figure things out on my own before bothering someone with a question whose answer is right below my nose. Working here reminds me of my teachers as well as my dad telling me how important problem solving skills are. I definitely agree that knowing how to ask for help is important, but I also think it’s important to be resourceful.

On another note, it’s comforting to finally be learning about Logistics through first hand experience as opposed to learning from a textbook. Since GE Aviation sends so much stuff in every direction, I see a lot of different aspects of Logistics on a day to day basis. I also get the chance to see how different freight forwards work with GE Aviation to get shipments where they need to be. One of the things my boss does a good job of is giving me different tasks to do, so I have a well-rounded experience here during my three months.

I feel like it’s too early to make up my mind about a lot of things, but for the moment I’m enjoying interning here this quarter. Everybody in my office has been very helpful and understanding.

For the most part I’m discovering that Fisher was right about everything, but avoiding the obvious, I would emphasize:

-CS&E 200 skills (obviously general Excel knowledge is important, but so are those random formulas and functions you thought you’d never use, i.e. pivot tables)

-the ability to multitask

-problem solving skills (haha)

Sorry about not having any pictures to share, it’s against company policy.

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