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Coming into the 10th and final week of my internship at Exel, I thought that I’d give a list of advice that I learned while interning this summer.   Always have a pen and a notebook with you. I don’t know how many times I might be walking from a meeting or sitting at my […]

So many Interns!
So many Interns!

The past two days, Exel has put together a program for all of their interns, including interns not working in the Exel Americas headquarters in Westerville. I got to meet interns from the operation side that work in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. Overall, I think that it was a very well run and insightful program. […]


I’ll start off with a theme that I saw on my site tour a few weeks ago. In the warehouse, the company had put up large posters that said “flexibility.” It said that flexibility is leaving your desk and coming back to find that it’s gone. This definitely held true for me this week! I […]

Building a Network While Roaming
Building a Network While Roaming

This past weekend I competed in a scrimmage through GCRA (Greater Columbus Rowing Association) along with one of my teammates from Ohio State. The majority of the members of GCRA are people that are out of college with full time jobs, some further along in their career than others. Anyway, during some downtime at the […]

Emoticons do have a place in the workplace?

Something that struck me as odd was how heavily emoticons are used at work! We have an instant messenger program that everyone gets that you can use to message anyone within DP DHL (like AIM). I wasn’t really sure¬†how much I would use it, as I had never instant messaged someone professionally (teachers, professors, etc). […]

Need. More. Sleep.

I genuinely thought that my summer was just going to be a lot of relaxing and sleeping. Of course, things don’t always go as planned. I knew that I would be spending 8 hours a day, five days a week at work and that my internship would be stimulating and busy, but I didn’t think […]

A maze of Cubicles
A maze of Cubicles

I’ve realized that the learning curve is steep. Just finding my way around has been a challenge, Exel’s America’s Support Center (the corporate headquarters of the Americas) is split between 2 buildings on 5 out of the 10 total floors. I’ve never worked in an office so navigating the maze of cubicals was a challenge […]

Figuring out the Phone and Other Things

I’ve finally feel settled in at work now. I can navigate my way around the half of the floor that I work on, only once this week did I turn into someone’s cubicle thinking it was an aisle. I got access to Oracle, but only to 2 out of the 3 departments that I will […]

Nervous, Excited and Hectic

This fall, I will be a Junior. I’m majoring in accounting. I’m also the Vice President of Budgeting for the Crew team (in the boat, I’m the coxswain). During my free time this summer, I plan on rowing with GCRA (Greater Columbus Rowing Association). I’m going to be living just off campus on High Street […]