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The Perfect Card

How do you choose which thank you card to send when the recipients will be those you worked with at a company that makes thank you cards?  Moreover, how can I possibly find a card that says everything I want to say to my colleagues?  This card has a huge responsibility, to accurately convey the […]

Word of the week: “offer”

Offer. Offer offer offer. Offer, offer? Offer. For the past week I think I’ve heard the word “offer” more times than ever before in my life, and never has it been so loaded with anxiety.  This is the week when full-time offers will be given to the interns that American Greetings would like to have […]

What up, dorm life?

Nothing makes you appreciate the closet-sized room that you have on campus like sharing a one-person hotel room with a complete stranger for ten weeks. I guess we’re starting with the bad news first.  It’s true; my company has squeezed eighteen interns into nine rooms within an extended-stay hotel.  The rooms are as small as […]

So. Much. Glitter.

Have you ever noticed how ubiquitous greeting cards are? Neither did I until I started working for company behind the most widely traded greeting cards worldwide.  Cards are everywhere, though, when you think about it, and I bet you can name at least 15 grocery stores, convenience stores, or pharmacies where you could pick one […]

Learn Something New Every Hour

When you experience a strange sense of excitement to wake up before 7am, put your “grown-up” face on, and go into the office for a 9-hour day, I think you can safely say that you’ve made a good career move. I am grateful to be able to say that I have experienced this emotion quite […]

Take your child to work day
Take your child to work day

Remember Take Your Child to Work Day? Yeah. Let those memories just come pouring in for a second. Being on the opposite side of the equation – the side where you’re not the one running to the supply closet every ten minutes pretending to be your mom or dad’s oh-so-necessary personal assistant for a singular […]

Holy Time Management

Meetings on meetings on meetings.  We have meetings to talk about our last meeting and when to hold our next one.  My typical week consists of no less than 30 meetings.  American Greetings? More like American Meetings. The majority of these meetings are held to discuss one of the twelve projects I’m juggling at any […]

Hello from Cleveland

And there it is. Your first impression. Cleveland? I know it is because it was mine too. Don’t get me wrong, I grew up in Ohio and I love this state more than I love kittens but I’ll be the first to say that a summer in Cleveland sounds about as attractive as Donald Trump in […]