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413 Days and Counting!
413 Days and Counting!

October 2013. That is the month during which I will start my career as a federal tax associate in the Columbus office of KPMG.  After ten weeks of learning, networking, and finishing projects for my team, I am happy to say that I will rejoin the Fed Tax department permanently next fall! Until then, I […]

Approaching the Finish Line

As I prepare to start my last week of the internship with KPMG, I find it important to take a minute to look back over the last eight weeks with the company and decide if public accounting, the Big Four, and KPMG specifically is the right career path for me. I was chatting with a […]

Pay it Forward!
Pay it Forward!

This Friday I had the privilege to visit the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus with fellow KPMG interns for a little community service.  We brought new books for the kids and read to them – or in my case, let them read to us! After reading to the kids, we helped them paint their […]

What?! School Prepares You for Work?!
What?!  School Prepares You for Work?!

This week I’m switching it up from tips for some much-needed reflection.  I have to say that I can’t imagine a better program to prepare me for an internship with the Big Four than Fisher’s Accounting Honors Program. A huge part of my internship is examining tax compliance work from a prior year and preparing […]

Tip #3: Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor

It is imperative as an intern to find a mentor – not only to help you build your network and stay in touch after your internship, but also to maintain sanity during your internship! I am lucky to have several mentors here at KPMG already.  One of the great things about the company’s internship program […]

Tip #2: Be Patient
Tip #2:  Be Patient

Let this be not only an internship tip, but also a life lesson… I am hands down one of the most impatient people on the earth – ask any of my friends or family members.  Therefore, being asked to complete tax compliance work for a client while navigating new software and complex systems all on […]

Tip #1: ALWAYS be prepared!
Tip #1:  ALWAYS be prepared!

From this point forward, I’ll be posting tips and takeaways from my experience, so here goes #1… On Monday afternoon, I stepped into the hotel elevator to ride down to our opening day session of National Intern Training (NIT).  There was just one person in the elevator already - KPMG’s Deputy Chairman and COO, Henry Keizer.  […]

Big Four Challenge Accepted

I can’t believe summer is here and I’m finally starting my internship with KPMG!  I just wrapped up my third year at Fisher as a student in the Accounting Honors program and am looking forward to starting the MAcc (Master of Accounting) program in the fall.  Before then, I will spend nine weeks in Federal […]