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My Fisher Internship
My Internship in a Nutshell

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Hi Everyone,

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while! I have been trying to find ways to sum up my summer in a blog post, but thought sharing this may be much more adequate. I created this Prezi for my end of summer presentation and feel it really summed up my experience at Cardinal Health in a nutshell. I still can’t believe how fast this internship has flown by and how much I have learned. It has been a discovery in so many ways: discovering a real interest in marketing, discovering new skills and strengths, discovering what kind of company I want to work for, and the list goes on.

Click the link below to enter the Prezi, then click the right arrow key to continue through the slides. While I used the pictures as an illustration during my presentation, even without description, by viewing them you will get a sense of projects I worked on and places I got to see.

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