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Shifting Focus

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This summer flew by. Last week I presented my final project and wrapped up my internship with Univar, and I can not put into words how valuable my time there has been. I am wiser and much more focused on my future goals, and I am so thankful for the opportunities, guidance and help I received from everyone I met with the company. Looking down the road, I intend to continue to foster the professional relationships I made this summer and work extremely hard to set myself up for future success.

The amount of knowledge and skills I have gained over the past 10 weeks with my Univar internship is immense. I came into this program not knowing what to expect, and as the weeks progressed I began to grasp just how valuable and worthwhile this opportunity is. The many different people I have met, the systems I was trained in, policies and practices I observed, and the challenging project I worked on all tied together to make an excellent overall experience. To put it simply, I will shift focus and take this internship with me back to school and apply it to my classes, and after that I will use it as a foundation to start my career.

The best piece of advice I can give to future interns is to not be afraid to take risks, as well as to put yourself out there and show your enthusiasm. Your coworkers and bosses will notice this, and it makes the experience that much more worthwhile. Also, make sure to record your experiences and learning moments, as those are the most vital to better developing your abilities. As I close my time blogging, I want to thank the Fisher College of Business for giving me the opportunity to record my experiences outside of the internship; it was a great way to gather and evaluate my thoughts. I hope you enjoyed reading the blog, and good luck to everyone in your future endeavors!

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