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My Fisher Internship
“What did you learn this summer?”

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I just have 4 days of my work left at my internship, and before I leave, I am required to give a final presentation, on which I will be assessed for a full-time job offer. Scary. My presentation is Monday, August 5, but I also have to have a final meeting with my supervisor about how I did this summer. That meeting was today. I was expecting it to be very one-sided from my supervisor giving me feedback, both good and bad, and discussing the projects I worked on. But this meeting was much more about how I felt, what I thought, what I liked and didn’t like. Just another thing about Shell that has shown me how much the company cares about its people and their development.

One question that should have been so easy to answer, “What did you learn this summer?” was really the most difficult one. I didn’t know where to start. I could have easily talked about all of the HR knowledge I learned and the HR tools I was exposed to. Those things were evident every day in my internship as I was given more and more work to do. I could have talked about the skills I gained in Excel with the data analysis projects I worked on. I even could have talked about the great communication skills I learned through presentations, networking, and talking to other Shell employees.

But I chose to answer differently. I really answered the question “What did you learn ABOUT YOURSELF this summer?” The biggest, and in my opinion, most important thing I learned this summer was to be more confident in myself and in my abilities. I learned that I was perfectly fine picking up and moving 1,000 miles away from everything I know, and I met some really great people in doing so (other HR nerds at Shell like myself in the picture below). And most of all, I learned that I do have the HR skills and knowledge to be successful in my chosen profession. Many times this summer I didn’t trust my first instinct and was my own worst enemy in completing my projects because I didn’t take risks without checking first. Many times, my thoughts were exactly right and I should have trusted what I knew. This summer validated my education and experience and proved to me that I am ready for my career (after one more year of school of course) in Human Resources! That is the best thing I could have learned at my internship with Shell this summer.

Shell Human Resources Interns touring Shell’s Houston Lubricants Plant!

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