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Saying goodbye to ArcelorMittal

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My time with ArcelorMittal was better than I could have ever planned. I stepped into the internship with zero knowledge of the industry and limited knowledge about accounting, yet I never was afraid of failing. Every person I met did their best to help me to understand more about their specific position with the company and why they love what they do. I could not have asked for better mentors; they were young enough to understand why getting out a half hour early on a Friday was the best thing in the entire world yet experienced enough to explain projects to me with obvious knowledge on the topic. Working in the mill everyday was an actual treat! I got dirty and explored every nook and cranny of the steel making process I could (while being safe!!!) in order to learn more and see why what I was working with was important.

To any student looking for a absolutely perfect first internship experience, start with ArcelorMittal. The program they have will give you the opportunity to witness an industry we never learn about in the classroom while learning skills that will help you both at school and beyond. I 10/10 recommend to everyone, accounting or finance!

I do feel as if I have done more than just scratch the surface of the steel industry, and that is only because I asked a billion questions. Seriously. I kid you not, I probably asked 50 questions a day. My most important piece of advice for any student interning at any company, but especially ArcelorMittal, is do not be afraid to ask questions. Find out what you are working with, why you are working with it and what impact it has on each area of the company (production, cost, different departments, etc.). Everyone I asked questions to was more than willing to help me out and they understood that I was facing such a huge learning curve. No matter what major you are or who you are working with, always ask questions. They are the best way to learn more and delve deeper into your work.

Thank you, ArcelorMittal, for an amazing summer. I could not be more grateful for having the chance to intern as a rising junior and this was the perfect company to begin with.

For anyone thinking about interning with ArcelorMittal, or if anyone has any questions about my journey, feel free to email me at

Back to Ohio State!

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