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My Fisher Internship
Less than 24 hours in Chicago

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My last week with the company was a whirlwind of excitement. On Wednesday, I flew out to Chicago with the assistant controller of ArcelorMittal USA and the controller of Cleveland and then we drove an hour east to Burns Harbor, Indiana. ArcelorMittal has two giant steel mills in Indiana, Indiana Harbor and Burns Harbor, and just from driving by them, I was amazed at how much larger they are then the Cleveland facility. Once we arrived at Burns Harbor, I took a tour around the office to meet all the different people who worked in plant accounting, shared services and internal reporting. Cleveland really only has plant accountants; shared services and internal reporting are headquartered in Burns Harbor. It was great to meet and talk with all these new faces.

The reason we travelled to Burns Harbor was for the accounting and finance intern presentations about their overall internship experience. There were eight interns: five in Burns Harbor, one at Indiana Harbor, one in downtown Chicago and myself in Cleveland. While I was a tiny bit nervous for my presentation, I was more excited to see everyone else’s. Being the only accounting intern in Cleveland, I wanted to see what other people like myself were doing at different locations. All the presentations were impressive and it seems like everyone had unique experiences during their time with the company. One of the criteria for the presentations was how can ArcelorMittal improve their internship to make it better for the student. I appreciate when companies make an effort to listen to feedback and learn how to improve themselves. It can only help in the long run!

After the presentations we had a delicious dinner with all the interns, their managers and controllers from all the plants. I was able to talk with some very important people who were so friendly and interested to hear about my experience in Cleveland. After, we drove back to our hotel in Chicago and early the next morning we flew back to Cleveland.

Flying out to Chicago and being able to see ArcelorMittal outside of the Cleveland facility was a great way to wrap up my internship. Meeting new people doing completely different jobs was perfect to see what other opportunities are available within ArcelorMittal.

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