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My Fisher Internship
The Perks of Being an Intern

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Goodyear has an amazing intern program for the summer. In total there are about 140 interns, co-ops and new campus hires that are involved in this program. We meet as a group every Tuesday and Thursday scheduling events, speakers, tours or planning the annual intern picnic. Last week I got to take a tour of the manufacturing plant which is connected to our headquarters. There they produce the NASCAR tire which is a huge marketing took for Goodyear. It was so  (for lack of a better word) COOL. Such a great tour to experience each step to create the signature Goodyear NASCAR tire. Here are some other pictures from some of the summer events!

From Arkansas, Utah, Maryland and even Europe this intern program has allowed me to meet and work with all different people and I am so happy to have had this opportunity!!


I only have two weeks left and I am already preparing my final presentation. In the HR department, each intern must present to the HR leadership team for about 30 minutes- revealing your projects and speaking about your experience as a whole. I am sure these 2 weeks will fly by- now just have to finish out strong!

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