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My Fisher Internship
Daily Life And A Retrospective Look

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You would think that an intern would have a typical day with routine tasks and expectations. However, that is far from the case. I walk into the office in the mornings and have completely new experiences, and each one of them challenges me in new ways. That is the ultimate benefit of an internship, to challenge yourself, to grow and to realize skills that you had no idea you possessed.

This past week I spent a day outside of the office with some of my coworkers, my boss and my internship mentor. We relaxed, attended a Cleveland Indians game and ate a delicious meal in the city. These occasions outside the office are oftentimes when I learn the most, both about those who I work with as well as myself. The candid discussions we all shared helped me to better fashion my goals and gain even more perspective on why I am at Univar, as well as what I can bring to the company down the road.

As this internship comes to a close in the next week, I look back and realize just how different I was before I began, both in personality and perspective. Working in a professional environment and talking to experienced individuals has given me a global focus, so to speak. I see the whole picture, how all the parts and people in our company, and in other companies, work in unison. Also, I have become a more open individual, even more confident. Let’s just say that putting my natural attributes to the test has been rewarding, and catching a glimpse of my performance outside the ivy-covered walls of Ohio State is extremely exciting. After all, graduation is right around the corner.

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