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I am now officially over the halfway mark for my summer internship with Univar. Time has been flying by, but I am still learning new and exciting things every day. This past week I spent learning about operations by observing truck drivers, material handlers, warehouse supervisors, operations managers and lab technicians in their day to day activities.

One thing is for certain, if you want to get an accurate idea of the company you are working for just ask the people doing the hard work in the warehouse facilities. Donning a hard hat and safety goggles, walking into our facilities and talking to the many diverse and interesting individuals about their day to day lives was fascinating. In addition, learning how they keep track of and follow the many rules and regulations in our industry was also interesting. I observed chemical blending in large polycarbonate totes, product being offloaded from a tanker truck into drums, operations staff planning routes and coordinating shuttle services, product sample analysis in the labs, and hazardous waste disposal procedures, among many others.

The most interesting part of the week, however, was riding along in one of our semis delivering product to our customers. As a result I was able to see the professionalism of our drivers and the efficient manner at which they quickly and safely offload the chemicals to multiple businesses. Coordination and communication is key, and they deliver on those principals each and every day.

I will continue to observe and learn as much as I can in these last few weeks, so make sure to stick around!

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