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Halfway Already?

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It’s been quite a while since I’ve documented any part of my internship experience — but at least if I say it’s because the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of learning on the job and exploring Los Angeles and southern California, I’m not lying.

In the past few weeks at the Ross LA Buying Office, I’ve been doing a fair amount of running in and out of the office. The arguably most important part of what a buyer for a discount retailer such as Ross does (as well as the most fun) is make frequent visits to its vendors at market appointments. For me, this is a welcome distraction from necessary desk work. Many of the vendors I’ve met are on extremely good terms with and equally as eager as the buyers to move their merchandise into stores, and often, both sides walk away content, having negotiated a fair deal.

Inside the office, I spend most of my time running different kinds of sales reports, tracking current orders, and studying item sales to see what trends are performing most successfully in stores, all in preparation for vendor appointments. Although actually “going to market” is the most fun part of the job, what we do on our days inside the office is obviously what drives the success of those appointments. It’s integral to what we do.

However, all of my driving around Los Angeles hasn’t just been for work. As interns on our first week, we got split into teams to participate in the first-ever Hollywood intern scavenger hunt! It was incredibly fun to get to know the girls I was with and get to see the touristy side of Los Angeles, which I would rarely otherwise venture to. We also recently got to attend my first-ever LA Dodgers game at Dodger Stadium! It was an interesting experience, to say the least, but I’m still a Pittsburgh Pirates girl at heart. Up next: the pros and cons of our laid-back office environment, yet working in downtown Los Angeles. (Hint: working in the Fashion District is not for those who give way to temptation easily.) Hopefully coming soon!

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