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My Fisher Internship
And these..are the days of our lives.

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Happy Friday! I am about 2 months into my internship and am truly feeling like a member of the team here at Goodyear.

I thought I would share what a normal day looks like as an intern here.

I get up around 6-6:15 depending on how many times I hit that glorious snooze button. I get ready, grab breakfast and am out the door an hour later if everything goes smoothly (which it usually doesn’t).  I drive about 40 minutes and arrive at the Akron HQ where 3,000 other Goodyear employees work.

Many people think internships are full of stapling papers, filing documents or staring at an excel sheet all day counting the minutes until they can leave.

 <—– Not at ALL!

While I do staple papers from time to time and excel sheets will always be part of the job, I feel I complete meaningful work here in my internship. This may be the one thing I appreciate most about my internship.

Each day seems to be different from the last. I keep thinking I will get into a normal routine- but I learned there is no such thing. Who would have thought the tire business could be so unpredictable??

For the most part I start my day with replying to any emails I may have, or checking my voice mail. And then the day takes a different course than the day before. I am either running off to meetings, sitting in on conference calls or preparing presentations for my projects. I roll with the punches and I try to be as proactive as I can be. I am learning that this is a huge (HUGE) company and I want to make as much of an impact as I can.

I usually eat lunch with the other interns (there are a total of 140 of us) or I set up informal meet and greets with other GY employees I have not had the chance to meet yet.

After lunch I pick up where I left off from my morning or I start to tackle a new objective on my list. And not joking, 50% of the time there will be some sort of birthday, retirement or anniversary party on the floor where you will find yourself bombarded with some sort of fatty, delicious treat that you will not be able to resist.

So there you have it- I attempted to explain a normal day.

Check out this New York Times article about Goodyear:

Stay blimp worthy!


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